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Thread: The Bachelorette Precap aka Tristas Revenge

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    The Bachelorette Precap aka Tristas Revenge

    Bachelorette Precap

    I first thought that ANY guy who went on the Bachelorette would be suspect. Looking through, I found some winners, some so- so, some who scream - you are so outta here...
    Warning -I will be judgmental and shallow, I’ve earned the right after being married for 100 yrs.Please don’t post or complain to the admin about it. That’s why Sher and I are here, to provide some real life commentary, and not sugar coat the truth. If that’s what you want, run screaming to www.abc.com leave here now.My ratings are my own, but with Trista in mind.( since her own mom obviously isn't up to it)
    I always remember, both Alex and Christi looked good on paper. I remember said admin wanting to give Christi a rose. Until she opened her mouth, and started into her psycho routine.

    First lets catch up . Trista who was supposed to be the loser on Bachelor 1, is doing great. She’s got her own show, popularity with the public, and just loves her life right about now.
    Amanda and Alex sadly have split . Amanda squealed that they weren’t allowed to ‘break up’ before the second bachelor aired, but the relationship cooled much sooner than that. Amanda’s working as a DJ and Alex is probably trying to get on Survivor 7 having been turned down for Survivor 4 for being too stereotypically gay. They had just had Brandon on, and wanted a change . ( Brandon is STILL one of my most fave contestants- Love Ya *smooch* )

    GROUP 1
    • Jack- Firefighter bonus .Schoolteacher/ coach -he's really going for the family oriented vote here. If Trista’s parents have no racial bias – Rating-possible…
      Jaime – No one who is white and only 6’2” plays ‘pro’ basketball – nice try
      Claims he has ‘an inate gift of being empathetic and intuitive’ . This screams I think WAY too much of myself , but he gets bonus points for multi syllable words in bio.
      Jeff- Too young, a non-job, but at least he didn’t say ‘pro’ football. I don’t think Trista wants to baby sit – Rating- doubtful
      Josh- Has a face for radio, maybe a bad pic. SAYS he’s funny, bonus if he is. Rating- dark horse
      Matt-Too old - 42 never married. Either gay, (nothing wrong with that, but poor Trista, 2 shows in a row), mamas boy, or in therapy for relationship phobia. Gym owner also says possible control freak. If there is no ex-wife around his Rating – not a chance
      Michael- How can politics be a HOBBY? I’m asleep already . Looks like the lay down the law type. Rating – really doubtful
      Paul- A model!!! That should be enough to send you running. Martial Arts guys are inflexible. But he lives in Hawaii and has that bad boy , beach bum look. Rating – middle of the road
      Peter- Construction- down to earth guy, cute (big personal bonus likes hockey)Sense of humor ,a bit young . Rating – Yes
      Rob- Funny, good looking – hey those kids would be beautiful and a computer geek to boot. Depends how Trista feels about seafood. ( The shrimp inheritance )
      Russell-Another computer guy , but he says he’s fun, but has no fun hobbies. My dog is ‘trustworthy, dependable and fun’.-rating – not likely
      Ryan- Our double star bonus ** A firefighter from Fort Collins Co. As we all know at the Fort, Fort Collins guys are da bomb.No alarms in bio – Rating – oh yeah baby
      Wayne- creeping towards too old, but acceptable if he hasn’t reached mid life crisis. Pilots always attract the chicks, so maybe he’s fun . Will be bald soon, but hey he’s a Wayne, and we all know folically challenged guys named Wayne are da bomb.- rating - yes

    Group 2
    • Billy- Firefighter bonus. at least he’s honest enough to say he doesn’t know if he’s ready for marriage. Has a Paul Kariya vibe . ( hockey – the Ducks)-Yes
      Bob- Ok this guy gives me the reality show creeps known as Lex’s gut. Another ‘dating is a hobby’. Don’t any of these guys ski or play squash?- No way
      Brian C- (First of four Brians. With Brian H winning Survivor 5 maybe all reality shows are casting Brian’s.)Well this ones no porn star with that forehead, but he does read. Big Alarm ,He also wants to be on national TV. – No No No
      Brian H- Cute, likes racing and making people laugh ( hey my son Bryan is cute, likes car racing and making people laugh- let me check that pic again ) Phew its not him- he would have been so grounded… Anyway- Rating –yes
      Brian K- BREAST IMPLANT SALESMAN- hey honey look what I brought home for you from the office!!!. His wife can’t be seen driving a minivan, and he’s a competitive fitness trainer. No cake or gravy for you EVER again Trista . Way too vain – Not in a million years
      Brian S- Gives-one-word-answers. Is that his natural hair color? – Rating doubtful
      Brook-Rodeo guy from Dallas – YEE HAW. Also in sales , gives off that Brian Heidik vibe. Check the porn vaults- bow chicka bow- Oh yeah rating- um – of course its YES
      Charlie- No one under 50 calls himself Charlie. Spending time on the beach ,studying the markets. Must have wireless access on the laptop. ZZZZZzzzz.He better be lively in person.- Rating- so so
      Chris- Does dishes and laundry. At first I thought wow bonus points, then I read on. He’s 35 never married and only spends time with his family.
      Mama’s boy. Be cautious on this one.
      Duane- Bonus points for Minnesota, does the usual MN type things, till you get to that dating is a hobby thing again. Not ready to get married but tacked on last sentence in bio so he would be accepted for show.- Could be fun- Rating – maybe
      Eric- Another pilot. Again Chicks go for Pilots. He has nothing that’s remotely interesting in bio, so you have to ask what’s wrong with Eric?. Rating – lukewarm
      Gregg- Another-one-who-can’t-put-together-a-sentence. Only hobby is sports. Got off the couch long enough to enter contest. Suspected cheeto crumbs on face.This guy is a future couch potato, since he doesn’t mention actually playing the sports. Rating- Homer Simpson
      Greg- Looks Italian and is in the import business. Can you say Sopranos? However he's cute and plays guitar. Rating- Possiblities
    Well I guess time will tell. I’m too cynical after watching both Bachelors to come out and say I’d give anyone on this list a rose, but there are some definite possibilities .I just hope Trista comes out of this one happy. Sher, if you have anything to add, go ahead, I’m sure you’ll be more kind ..

    Any comments fine, but I'm not gonna change my mind even if you are whats his names mama.... enygma@fansofrealitytv.com
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