Joe Millionaire

On Monday, January 6th, FOX will begin airing Joe Millionaire, a show that promises to be perhaps the most controversial reality show yet attempted. That is a pretty high bar to hurdle too, considering FOX’s other foray’s into this field including, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, and Temptation Island.

By now you probably are well aware of the premise of the show. The ladies are expecting to be participating in a reality TV show, ala The Bachelor, and the target of their affections will be the charming and handsome Joe, who has just inherited $50 Million dollars, and now lives in a fabulous mansion in France.

The women will spend time with Joe and hope to make it into the finals of the game. Joe will decide who continues and who goes home. Reportedly he will be giving away jewelry of increasing value to each group of departing women. A nice thing for a rich guy like Joe to do, and much more valuable than a rose.

You are probably also well aware of the catch to this love story. Joe Millionaire is not rich, in fact, apparently he can’t even afford highway toll charges. He is instead Evan Marriott, a 28 year-old part-time model and full-time construction worker originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, who will be honest with the women about all facets of his life, except for that minor issue involving money of course…

In other words, Joe Millionaire is really just an average Joe.

So, who shall be competing to win Joe’s heart? Fans of Reality TV has a breakdown of the participants, including pictures, at The Ladies of Joe Millionaire.

The ladies include:

Alison. Graphics Specialist. New York City, NY. Age 28

Amanda. Flight Attendant. Venice Beach, CA. Age 28

Amy. Asst. Director of Administration. Dayton, FL. Age 27

Andrea. Computer Specialist. Atlanta, GA. Age 24

Brandy. Flight Attendant. Santa Monica, CA. Age 27

Dana. Business Development Director. Los Angeles, CA. Age 26

Dayana. Secretary. Hollywood, CA. Age 24

Erica. Physical Therapist. Los Angeles, CA. Age 32

Gretchen. Senior Account Manager. Santa Monica, CA. Age 29

Heidi. Business Banker. Los Angeles, CA. Age 24

Jennifer. Corporate Office Coordinator. Macon, GA. Age 23

Katie. Doctor. Redondo Beach, CA. Age 30

Katy. Personal Assistant. Los Angeles, CA. Age 24

Mandy. Retail Marketing. Nashville, TN Age 26.

Mary. Advertising. North Caldwell, NJ. Age 25.

Melissa. Customer Service Representative. Minneapolis, MN. Age 24.

Melissa Jo. Loan Officer / “Spokesmodel”. Indianapolis, IN. Age 25

Melissa W. Internet Sales. Mount Vernon, OH. Age 24

Sarah. Sales and Design. Los Angeles, CA. Age 29.

Zora. Promotional Representative. Lamberville, NJ. Age 29

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