Well it’s been quite the ride. We find ourselves narrowed down to three teams, a set of fun to watch brothers, a sometimes crotchety but always entertaining married couple, and Flo and Zach. I have no words to describe them as a team, as I cannot figure out how to view them as one.
The remaining three teams are the winners of the Amazing Race. They have beat out many other teams, some seen as more deserving of spots in the exclusive top three. One of them will be named the official winner of The Amazing Race 3 and the One Million Dollar prize.

As always I will start with the Particulars of the final leg:

Go to Quang Minh Temple and find clue at the foot of the Buddha.

Fly to Hawaii to receive blessing from a Kahuna along with next clue.

Get airline tickets before entering airport.

From Kahuna get to Kauai drive 25 miles to find detour clue

Detour Quick Drop or Slow walk: Take a tandem zip line into pool under water fall to receive clue or walk the step trail down to the bottom to receive clue

Fly to Seattle and get to Kerry Park for route info.

Run/walk, just don’t cab it to International Fountain.

Get to Lincoln Park for Roadblock clue.

Roadblock arrange the animal faces on a totem pole, in the order they were seen in previous clues. When done receive next clue.

Get to Gas Works Park and follow markers to FINISH LINE

Teri and Ian 5:35am
The married couple leaves the pit stop feeling good about this last leg. Feels as though no one thought they could get this far.

Teri is thrilled to read the first clue at the Buddha. They are heading back to the U.S.A. The two get a taxi to a travel agency and tell the agent they need fully refundable tickets. I don’t know what that means. When they see Ken and Gerard coming in Ian tells Teri not to tell them what they are doing.

Ian goes behind the counter to “help” the agent do her job. He accomplishes this by barking orders at her. He is not at all happy when Teri suggests he let Ken and Gerard take over and try to get tickets for all of them. He does as he’s told and sits down, but not without complaining and pouting.

They get a cab to the train station and don’t seem too happy about this quasi alliance they have just formed. They have made it this far with out any type of alliance, and Ian’s not happy.

On the train they worry about the tickets Flo and Zach may have gotten, but realize there is nothing to be done about that now.

I am surprised that they are still upbeat at the airport when they realize they have a later flight to Hawaii. That attitude is short lived as the stress starts to creep back in upon arrival on the Big Island.

They snap at each other about the car.

They snap at each other about whether Ian is going 54 MPH or 55 MPH.

They snap at each other about exits.

They are happy again, once they see they have been equalized at the Kahuna blessing.

After the blessing ceremony they get lost trying to find the detour. Ian is scared to death of heights, but fearing they are last he decides to do the tandem jump with Teri. She is wonderful and patient as he makes his decision, and I honestly think she would have understood one hundred percent if he needed to do the walk instead.

They jump! Off to the airport.

They get a cabbie that doesn’t know where Kerry Park is, but says he will follow the other cabs. Ian is not happy as he tells the driver that the other cabs are already out of sight.

They start to follow Ken and Gerard to the Fountain, but decide to go their own way instead. They get the clue and know where they need to get, but can’t find a cab. Once they do, Ian chooses to do the Roadblock and seems to have only a little difficulty in completing it.

They have a hard time believing they are reading the words “run to finish line”. In the cab Ian tells us that Teri is the love of his life. They are happy, relieved, exhausted. They see the marked route, stop the cab, and start to run.

They can see the other teams cheering. They can see Phil smiling. They run as fast as they can and arrive…..

Ken and Gerard 5:52am

They feel as though they have done well, and been able to use each other’s strengths to get ahead.

They too, are happy to learn they are heading back to the States. They meet up with Teri and Ian at the Travel Agency and are not happy with the way the married couple is dealing with the woman behind the counter. Ken tries to get Ian to let Gerard do the talking and get tickets for all of them.

They are shocked as they realize that they have made some sort of alliance with Teri and Ian. They get in a cab and head off to the train station in Da Nang.

Equalized at the train station.

They get a sleeper room for the 17-hour train ride and seem to be relaxing and waxing nostalgic about all they have done. They wonder what tickets Flo and Zach have, but seem not to spend too much time thinking about it.

They become suspicious at the airport when Flo and Zach refuse to show them their tickets. This prompts the brothers to head to an executive office and try for better tickets. They seem happy and full of themselves when they find themselves on the same flight with Flo and Zach, which is an earlier flight than Teri and Ian… That alliance lasted the entire train ride at least.

And then the rains come.

They get to Hawaii only 15 minutes ahead of Teri and Ian.

They hop into their Mustang and head off for the Kahuna. They see Flo and Zach in the parking lot waiting for the Kahuna to “open” (hmmm, I guess the Kahuna doesn’t really open does he….) Flo starts to complain to them that she is hungry. Ken doesn’t let her finish her sentence; cutting her off by saying “You gotta stop whining already, it’s too early”. Go Ken.

After the blessing they notice that Flo is really “back” in the game, and this concerns them. It really is a race now.

They don’t hesitate to take the tandem jump at the falls, and Ken stares directly at Gerard for the entire drop.

They head off for the airport and grab tickets to Seattle. They find the first clue at the park in good time, but have a very hard time finding Lincoln Park. Once they arrive Gerard does the roadblock in what seems to be good time.

Gerard tells their cabbie he will give him all the money in his pocket if he gets them to Gas Works Park quickly. He’s got $150.00. This makes the cabbie happy, and he is prepared to run lights to get them there.

They can see the eliminated teams cheering. They know their expedition is almost over. They have almost completed the remarkable competition. They arrive…..

Zach and that girl 8:02am

Flo starts the day telling Zach and us that she’s not going to quit. Again.

Tick, Tick.

She is ecstatic that the clue reads U.S.A.

Tick, Tick.

At the travel agency they learn there are no more economy tickets, only business class, which they are bound by the rules NOT to buy.

Tick, Tick.

I don’t know how long it has been, but I’m guessing they are maybe half an hour into the final leg.

Tick, Tick.

Zach sees everyone else’s name on the computer and realizes they all have tickets.

Flo quits.

If they can’t get the tickets now she wants him to book them tickets to JKF.

She says that things COULD NOT get worse. Hmm, what if you had to rappel to the airport Flo? Would things be worse then? What if you had to touch HAY????? What if, God forbid, you had to take a teacup boat to Hawaii?

Yes, Flo, things could be worse.

She complains, asking why this always happens to them. Why doesn’t it ever happen to anyone else?

Zach decides to buy the business class tickets so they can leave, and hope that later, before entering the airport, they can trade them for usable tickets.

Luckily for them they are equalized on the train.

Flo Complains.

Zach decides to find himself a cell phone to borrow. He finds a gentleman willing to give up the phone, and calls a travel agency. He speaks with Zoom who is able to get them better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) tickets. A man will meet them at a hotel near the train station and hand them their tickets. Tickets that will land them in Hawaii before the other two teams.

Flo is happy, and tells Zach that he has saved them IF this works.

After refusing to show the brothers their tickets they are disappointed to realize that by doing that they made the bro’s suspicious and wind up on the same flight. The flight that is delayed.

They see their Mustang Convertible waiting for them at the airport and….

Flo complains.

Yes, it’s true. The car is too small.

Flo makes a disgusting face as she drinks the “potion” from the Kahuna.

They arrive at the detour to see Ken and Gerard putting on the harnesses. Flo is freaked as Ken and Gerard tell them that there is no choice.

Flo whines.

After realizing that there is a choice she decides to jump anyway. I’d actually have been happy if I gave a damn about this girl.

They get a quick cab to Kerry Park. Zach has a tour book and notices that the fountain that they need to get to is by the Space Needle, so he decides its best to get to the needle.

Flo Complains.

They are running through Seattle.

Flo whines.

When she learns that the fountain isn’t actually at the Needle she full out bitches.

They get the clue and are on their way, but she is not done complaining.

She complains as they look for a cab.

She complains in the cab.

Once again Zach is the one to do the roadblock. He figures out the order of the animals on the totem pole and heads back to Flo so they can get a cab. Flo then apologizes for all the whining, and for being “such a pain in the ass”

When Zach doesn’t tell her she hasn’t been a pain in the ass…..

Flo complains.

Flo and Zach see the finish line. They smile and look incredibly happy as they pass their former adversaries. They are sure Ken and Gerard are hiding, but seem happy just to be finishing the race. They arrive…..


1 Flo and Zach. They have won the Amazing Race. They have traveled through 4 continents, 13 countries for a total of 44,000 miles. IF someone had only tuned in for the last 4 minutes of the race, I think they would have been very happy for Zach AND Flo. She looked happy and relaxed. She was cheering for herself and for Zach. They were happy, and truth be told the other teams looked happy for them. Or at least as happy as one can look, knowing that you lost a Million Dollars to these two.

2 Teri and Ian. They can see that Flo and Zach are already there. They don’t seem to care. They have come in second, but are extremely proud of themselves and happy to have finished in second.

3 Ken and Gerard. Entertaining to the end. These two won the race in a lot of hearts across the world. They knew they had not won, but didn’t stop running. They ran a good, fun, clean, entertaining race. I am glad they were there to watch to the end.

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