Ken and Gerard came in third place in The Amazing Race 3 last night. I had the pleasure of speaking with them this morning. Here's a transcript of the interview:

You were our favorites to win, and we're depressed you didn't win.
Ken: We're a little depressed, too, but we've moved on.
Gerard: The worst part was after the whole race, everyone coming up to us, saying "you're going to win", and we're thinking "no, we're not."

Whose idea was it to do the race, and what did you hope to get out of it, other than a million dollars?
Gerard: It was Ken's idea to do it. He called me a couple of times during the show and told me I had to watch it, so I started watching. I didn't think he was serious, but when it came down to the entry deadline he convinced me.
Ken: It was my birthday on the day it was due, so I thought it was good karma. It's my birthday, and it's going to happen. We were so excited.

Did you end up playing the game the way you thought you would before going on the show?
Ken: We definitely wanted to win the million dollars, that was number one. But number second...
Gerard: Number second?
Ken: I mean number two, we wanted to have fun and play it fair. We went out of our way to play as fairly as we could. We didn't want to win with blood on our hands. Just Gerard's blood.

Who came up with the "Oh Brother" name for you guys?
Gerard: Ken did.
Ken: Actually, it was my friend Janet. I never gave her credit for it. We were trying to come up with a team name. But I think we were a little naive, I know people on the boards don't like the name. But we were told to pick a name, and either wear a shirt or hat with the name on it. So it was all done because we were told to get a name.

Why did you seem so deadset on ending your alliance with Derek and Drew after Fussen?
Gerard: I was getting pretty concerned about the alliance, because at the end of the race it was probably going to come down to a foot race, and we had to break them loose. Unlike how they were portrayed on the show, they were actually pretty bright guys, and they helped us quite a bit.
Ken: They were pretty bright guys, they had more money than us, and helped us out.
Gerard: We actually lost a bag in Mexico, one of our bags was stolen - our third bag. It had jackets, sweaters, and some cash. So we were behind because we had to replace some of that stuff, and we were low on cash.

Speaking of money, Damon and Andre claim you asked for 100 Euros, and they offered 30 in return.
Gerard: No, that's not true.
Ken: That's a lie.
Gerard: They actually weren't providing us with much information or resources, and they asked for help. I said "we're in a race for a million dollars, give us 40 Euros." They said "no way."
Ken: Then I went up to them and said "Gerard is a financial guy, at least negotiate with him." We knew they were going to follow us anyway, and we needed the money, so we figured if we could get a few bucks out of it, it would be good for us. But they're really sweet guys.

Have you both taken emergency tire-changing lessons since the show was taped?
Ken: What you didn't see with the first blowout is that we spent 20 minutes trying to fix it, but the spare was locked up and we couldn't get to it. So, we ended up going to the dealership, and he did it for us. The one last night was literally a four or five minute tire change. I was shocked, I was thrilled that we got it done so quickly.

We all appreciated your excellent supervision skills, Ken.
Ken: I did not supervise. I did not supervise. It was those damn editors. Okay, I supervised.

Why did you guys keep giving us heart palpitations, by 'aborting' your Detour for the second option?
Gerard: I think it was a good call, each and every time. We knew that we shouldn't switch detours, but every time we switched, we did it for good reasons. In our case, it was the right thing to do, but we were always waiting for the boom to be dropped. The one with the bikes, we saw them all coming back, and we knew the other group was 2 hours behind, so we did the bikes. Our fingers were actually bleeding. The second detour, counting the coins - it would have taken us hours to finish.
Ken: We were only a third of the way done stacking them, and hadn't even started counting them yet, when the other teams came back.
Gerard: On the third one, we didn't bring the coconut, because we read that we were forbidden to show it to our boat driver, and we thought it meant that we couldn't bring it with us. But we're happy, it all worked out for us.

Gerard, would you have really tried to lose Flo and Zach in Singapore?
Gerard: I was really annoyed with Zach that he wouldn't give me the map. At the same time, I totally understood why he didn't want to give it to me. But he wanted me to lead, with an inferior map. So I was annoyed about it, but Ken made an agreement. Yeah, I wanted to lose them.

Gerard, you told Flo at one point that she "had to stop whining." How aware were you both of her behavior during the race?
Gerard: We actually liked Flo. We had a great race with her. She's a good person. She melted down a couple times for everyone to see, that's all.
Ken: It's not the Flo that I met at all. She really could crack me up, and she's very funny.
Gerard: But she had a hard race.

This race came down to who got a cab faster for the last segment. Do you think this was a better way to end the race than the traditional long footrace?
Gerard: It fair, the race is about luck and about skill, and at the end it happened to be about luck. It's the way it went, and I'm okay with it.
Ken: We were hailing cabs, I opened three cab doors with people in them, and I scared the crap out of them. If I had to do it different, I'd have asked them to get out. But that's Monday morning quaterbacking.
Gerard: Flo and Zach won it fair and square.

What was your favorite task you had to perform?
Gerard: The zip line in Hawaii. But the rapelling in Portugal was great, too. I think CBS was afraid that no one would do the zip line, which is why they had us all put the harnesses on before we even got the clue. So I was a nervous wreck, but we got to the zip line, and we were first, and we had to go.

What piece of advice would you give the next set of teams?
Gerard: Work closely together, respect each other, be kind to each other, and have fun. That's the most important thing.
Ken: I would say, never go with your brother. Really, just get ready with your physical stuff. I know I'm not the most in shape, but don't worry so much about the knowledge and planning. And for those who are making videos, I can make a suggestion that you focus on your relationship - what makes it special.
Gerard: Yes, don't send in a travel video.

I wanted to thank you for visiting the board, too.
Gerard: We've been to the board, and we got a few e-mails from the members, and we really enjoyed them. We had a blast.

We just wanted to mention that you were both hilarious, and family reunions must be a lot of fun.
Gerard: They are, we have a lot of fun. We had one last night to watch the show, and they were all crying, but we had a good time.

Thanks to Ken and Gerard for speaking to us, and for the frequent visits to the site. I hope that you continue to hang around and maybe even come out of the woodwork. (That goes for the rest of you lurking teams!)