Flo and Zach won the third installment of The Amazing Race. This morning, I had the opportunity to speak to them. Here's the transcript:

Whose idea was it to apply for the show?
Zach: It was Flo's idea.

You immediately recognized the name of the Petronas Towers and were happy to be going to Kuala Lumpur. What's the story behind that?
Zach: We had done research on the tallest buildings, and Flo felt pretty sure that we were going to be stopping in Kuala Lumpur at some point in the race.

Ken and Gerard mentioned that you spent a lot of time studying before the race.
Zach: We spent a lot of time in the local bookstore, sitting in the aisle reading.

In the beginning of the race, you were part of the Twin Hunt. Why did you eventually leave that alliance?
Flo: We realized pretty quickly how stupid it was. It was four teams against one, for no good reason at all.
Zach: There is really no reason to have an alliance in the race.

Do you think your flirtations with Drew helped or hurt you?
Flo: While I think it hurt a little, in that we weren't thinking about the game as much as we should have been, it was a great stress reliever to hang out with the twins. We spent that night in a great hotel, which really helped me relax.

There's been some talk this morning about whether it was acceptable for you to hire people to paddle you across the river in Vietnam. What are your thoughts about it?
Flo: What wasn't shown is that we were penalized an hour for that. But, it was also against the rules for the other teams to have help with their bikes, and they were penalized, too.

There was a meltdown in the round boats in Vietnam?
Flo: It was a huge meltdown. Looking back on it, it wasn't so bad, but at the time, it felt like the most terrible, hardest thing I'd ever had to do.

Was that your lowest point in the race?
Flo: It definitely was, although the cliff-rapelling was also pretty bad. The problem with the boats is that we tried the bikes also, and we couldn't do either task. So we were screwed. At least with the rapelling, we could walk down to the clue, it just took us longer.'
Zach: That was really the lowest point.

You didn't go down the cliff, but you did the line drop in Hawaii. What changed?
Flo: We were on the last leg, and we decided that we had to do whatever it took to win at that point. There was no way we were taking the easy way out.

The end came down to who got a cab the quickest, and you were the ones who got it. Do you think this is a good way to end the race?
Flo: We just got lucky with the cab, and it could have been any of the teams. But if we all had good luck with cabs, it still would have been a footrace across the park at the end.

How do you plan to spend the money?
Zach: A little bit of celebration and some fun, and then probably invest the rest. Oh, and do a little traveling. I'd like to go back to Scotland, and the northern parts of Vietnam.

Flo, what do you have to say about how you were on the show?
Flo: I just want to say that I acted terribly, and I feel bad about it. Zach really pulled through for us. But I'm 23, and I can change. The last leg of the race, I tried to act like the person I want to be.

Are you still friends?
Zach: Definitely.
Flo: Yes, we'll always be close friends. He still speaks to me, can you believe it?

I saw that you posted in defense of yourself at Television Without Pity. What prompted that
Flo: Yes, that was a low moment. I shouldn't have done it. But we went to TARcon (in New York), and everyone there was great to us. I think they were a little afraid of me, but they were very nice and congratulated us.

Once again, congratulations to Flo and Zach, the winners of $1 million on The Amazing Race 3. Spend it wisely, and we wish you the best of luck!