We should have mixed feelings this morning.

The happiness we feel at witnessing the most exciting finish in three season of The Amazing Race should be tinged with sadness that the series has drawn to a close.

Instead, so many of us feel anger, we're directing it squarely at Flo.

It should have been a stellar moment for the brilliantly conceived, expertly produced Amazing Race to have a team that exploded the myth that only young, fit all male pairings can cross the finish line in first place.

Unfortunately the first female to achieve this honour is Flo.
This is a poor result for the viewers and poorer still for the producers who saw their show struggle for ratings early in the season when pitted against the far inferior The Bachelor 2.

Far from showing the Race to be a test of physical and mental strength, Flo has left the impression that the Race can be won by one member of the partnership showing dogged determination in the face of almost constant verbal abuse.

Zach was at times, figuratively and literally without a partner as Flo publically berated him then left him altogether to take up almost permanent residence at Drew's side.

Her almost constant scolding of her partner hacked away at his manhood every bit as effectively as the now legendary Mrs Bobbitt.

Her physical weakness and emotional instability made her virtually ineffectual for large portions of the Race.
Couple this with her total inability to treat Zach as a human being much less a friend and you are left with many viewers feeling almost "cheated" by what they see as her unjustified success.

There were strong women in the race.
Gina and Sylvia , although an early exit, represented the "soccer mom" brigade with style. Talicia managed to keep that beaming smile on her face and Jill succesfully filled the dual roles of "strong independent woman" and "sweetheart" with supreme class.

Teri was a revelation. Her fitness, level and stamina and not least her ability to cope with her own often difficult team mate, would all have made her a worthy winner.

There were also competitors from previous season that could have staked a well-deserved claim to the title of first female to win The Amazing Race.

How much better to have had "people's choice" Ken and Gerard as winners.
They lapped up their Race experience and everything it had to offer.
They would also have been the dream team winners for the producers.
Would it have been possible to have better ambassadors for the Race take top spot?

Flo should give a large portion of her winnings to Zach.
At the very least $1.00 for every time she pouted, whine or stamped her feet and said she was giving up only to be coaxed out of her tantrum by her ever patient partner.
It's not about the money for the viewers though.
It will be long gone before the bitter taste of Flo's victory will.