This afternoon, I had the pleasure of speaking to Derek and Drew, the twin brothers who were most recently eliminated from The Amazing Race. Here's a transcript of my interview:

FORT: Why did you leave your bags in the taxi in Mexico City? Was that a wake-up call for you?
Derek: Actually, that's one of those things we've been wanting to explain. We weren't the only team to leave our bags in a cab, and we'd been with that cab driver for more than two hours. We weren't really concerned about that at all. It was just that we were watching all the other teams leave, and we're still waiting for Antonio to come pick us up concerned us.

FORT: Derek, why did you always drive, when you obviously weren't happy with Drew's navigational skills?
Derek: The part you saw was where the compass was broken. But on the first leg, I had tried to navigate, and Drew was driving, and immediately we realized it wasn't going to work. Drew is far better at maps, and I'm a much better decision maker when it comes to driving.
Drew: Contrary to what you may have seen, we were never lost in any of those moments when Derek was blowing up.
Derek: You're usually on a race to the pitstop when you see me screaming. You just didn't want people to be able to follow you, when you knew the way. I kept asking him to make a decision quickly, when a turn was coming or whatever, and I would lose it every time.

FORT: Which of you is older? Do you think it effected the pecking order of your team?
Derek: I'm three minutes older. Our whole lives, I've been in control.
Drew (laughing): Oh, that is NOT true!
Derek: Twins, it's a very bizarre thing, but birth order is very important. It also defines how you are in your family, and for me, it was always that I was the older brother, and Drew was the younger one.
Drew: I think it's untrue that Derek was "leading" the whole way, though.

FORT: What did you think of the alliance against you?
Derek: We were kind of encouraged by the alliance. At that point, this isn't a game where you can vote people off, and the initial alliance was four teams. It was so big, we thought 'what are these people really going to accomplish with this?'
Drew: Initially, it motivated us to have people to work against. We thought it was great because there were so many people. It's just like if you have 10 friends, trying to get them all to agree. It's so hard to have so many people getting flights and traveling together. They were concentrating more on that, and it allowed us to get ahead of them.

FORT: Drew, is there any truth to the rumors that you and Flo are currently dating?
Drew: We are speaking, we're involved. I live in L.A. and she lives in New York, though. But there is some truth to that.

FORT: Derek, have you sought medical intervention for your brother?
Derek: I've been trying.
Drew: I'm not defending myself, but I never saw any of this during the race. I'm seeing all of it for the first time myself. Needless to say, it hasn't been the most fun for Flo or myself.
Derek: Or me, or anyone involved.

FORT: Seriously, did you guys ever have a discussion about getting back into race-mode?
Drew: Flo and I had discussions when we were sitting together, like on a plane, I would say that an hour before we land, we have to stop talking - no hard feelings. It's unfortunate we're under those conditions, but this is a race. I told Flo not to feel bad, and that she didn't have to do anything for us, or look out for us, just to do whatever it took to win.

FORT: How hard was it to bungy jump, and what was going through your mind at the time?
Derek: It was actually the most terrifying thing I've ever done. I just can't believe that people pay to do that. There's no way either one of us would have done it unless it was on camera, for a show. We're definitely not adrenalin-seeking people, so that was very terrifying.

FORT: What happened at the last route marker? Did you just miss it completely?
Derek: Where our cab driver dropped us off, it was a very confusing setup there on the river. And as soon as you get out of the cab, you've got thousands of Vietnamese people trying to help you, but pointing you in the opposite direction. We were given a clue in Vietnamese of the address where we were supposed to go, but the address was actually North of the flag about a half mile. We actually went in the building, but there was nothing there. If Flo hadn't helped out the Brothers, we'd all still be living in Ho Chi Minh city right now.

FORT: Now that you've seen that Ken and Gerard kept information from you, how do you feel? Any hard feelings?
Derek: Not at all. It's unfortunate, because it could have been either of us at the ferry when Flo helped them, and a lot of the race comes down to luck. It just wasn't our day.
Drew: Ken and Gerard realized that we were the last two teams, and if we would have found out about the bikes, we would have killed them on them. First of all, you had to run about a half mile back to get them, and then bike back. If we'd have found out first, we'd have done the same thing.

FORT: Do you get to read the full instructions of a detour before you have to make a decision, or just a brief overview?
Drew: You're actually supposed to read the whole clue out loud to the camera, both options.
Derek: It's very clear what the two choices are.
Drew: On the bungy jump one, they made it seem like the key around the goats' necks was going to take about an hour, but unfortunately for us, it only took about 5 minutes for some of the teams to get the keys. It was very clear that the jump was the harder but quicker task, and we came out of it in almost last place, which was just unfortunate.

FORT: Can you give any advice to teams on the next race?
Derek: When you go on the show, don't try to be first, just don't be last. Each show's been different, but on ours, the Fast Forward was just a safety net to use if you were really at risk of being eliminated. Initially, we thought that we're on a race, we want to be out in front the whole time, let's just keep leading the way. As the game goes on, you start just being concerned about not being last.
Drew: My advice is to form separate alliances each leg of the race with whatever team you find around you. That way, you don't slow yourselves down by trying to deceive each other or lose each other. We found that if you work with the people around you, you can move a lot quicker. You just have to keep a good relationship with all of the teams.

FORT: How many cameras and cruise trips did you win?
Derek: We won two digital cameras, and one cruise to Europe. But we also won the second and third legs, which were the only legs that didn't have a prize for being first.

I'd like to thank Derek and Drew for taking the time to speak with us today. If you'd like to comment on this interview, please e-mail John at - keep in mind that I am not in contact with Derek or Drew, and cannot pass your e-mails on to them. Thanks as always to CBS and The Amazing Race production team.