I couldn’t believe what I had read. FOX was airing a dating show with the “winner” getting the shot to date a “millionaire”, only this millionaire was broke. I had to laugh. I thought someone came up with a parody to rival those that the writers of The Simpsons actually come up with. I giggled at the thought.

Then I saw the commercial. Joe Millionaire is an actual show. It’s not a concept anymore. It is done filming. At least I assume it is done filming, as now everyone knows that Joe Millionaire is actually Joe Shmoe. A man who makes 19 grand a year.

I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. What is this world coming to when this passes for entertainment? Are we so shallow that this could be fun to watch? Or are some of us so evolved that it is actually fun to watch others with in our species make fools of themselves? I’m voting for the latter.

First of all, I can’t imagine what kind of woman would actually want to go on a show like this. Are these women secretly hoping they lose, but in doing so get their fifteen minutes? Are they really looking for love, or just some face time on national television? If it’s the former I shake my head in bewilderment. If it’s the latter, I laugh. How many ex-reality TV stars are now making Spielberg movies? Starring in Bruckheimer dramas? Oh, that would be ZERO wouldn’t it?

As a woman I have to think of these females as a sad representation of our gender. There are plenty out there, I know, but honestly not every woman is a gold digging, TV star wann-a-be. I realize, that being an educated woman I should hold out on all my opinions until the show actually airs. I know nothing about these women, yet I feel as though I do.

Bambi ~ 38DD (but wonders why that’s on the application at all) Bar tender from Los Angeles looking for her soul mate. Graduated from Jacks Bartending Academy with a degree in mixology. Looking for a tall muscular guy to be her protector. Money doesn’t matter as long as he has a sense of humor.

Cookie ~ 36DD (But was a 34 A)Waitress/Actress originally from Pohick Georgia but now calls New York City home. Cookie has 5 older brothers and was raised a strict Baptist. She knows God will take care of all her needs, but is looking for a husband to share in all God has to offer them. She thinks Joe Millionaire is just the man for her. She has no interest in his money as long as he has a strong faith and wants a large family.

Kiki ~ None of your damn business ~ Legal Secretary originally from Maryland. Now living in Georgetown, Washington DC. Kiki is an only child. Both parents are plastic Surgeons now practicing in Beverly Hills. Kiki freely admits to being spoiled. If a man doesn’t have enough money to keep her living in the lifestyle in which se’s become accustomed he might as well not even talk to her. Joe seems like the right guy for her.

I guess in just a few short weeks we will see how close my predictions are.

Will I watch? I may just have to. My curiosity may get the better of me. I have to know what kind of women will try this, and what kind of man it takes to pull it off.

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