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Thread: Jenn and Tracey's TAR Journal #7, "Does Losing the Clue Mean You're Clueless?"

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    Jenn and

    Jenn and Tracey TAR Journal, Week 7

    Hello everyone, Tracey here at the pit stop and I just want to tell you what a great friend Jenn has become during this race. She and I are internet buddies and had never met in person before going on the show together, so we weren't sure exactly how we'd hit it off in person, but she is so super, I know we'll continue to be good friends long after the race is over. Heck, anyone who has choreographed a silly dance to the "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song from the old Ren and Stimpy cartoon show are cool in my book. It's a great dance, you may have caught a glimpse of Drew and Ken trying it out at the Pit Stop in Marrakech in the opening sequence of the show last night.

    We left the pit stop and headed to the airport where Teri and Ian had already caught a flight to Munich. But there weren't any more direct flights from Marrakech so we went with the other teams there on a short flight to Casablanca. At the Casablanca airport I met HIM, *sigh* and he's so dreamy. Ok, so the race action at the airport involved everyone scrambling to get on flights to Munich, but most of them had wait lists. While Jenn and I were roaming from counter to counter, asking "Munich? Munich?" in a rather polite American-Touristy manner (not a single Hoo-yah!) we came across a man at the Air France counter who said (in English with a rich French-sounding accent) "Are you trying to get to Munich, Germany? I'm flying there via Paris today and I am a frequent flyer on Air France, perhaps I can be of assistance." I was instantly smitten with the gorgeous man, tall dark and handsome, ok, maybe not that tall, about 5' 9", but muscular (not like John Vito, but no beer belly), with curly dark hair, olive skin and dark eyes and a perfect smile. I tried to play it all cool but Jenn was jabbing me in the ribs because she could tell I was about to start drooling and all I could muster was a quick "Sure, that would be great, we need to get tickets for our film crew too" before I broke eye contact and started staring at his shoes, snazzy Ferragamos nonetheless, but I could tell he was still looking at me.

    So our new friend David managed to get 4 tickets (for Jenn and I are our two camera guys Frank and Joe) in coach, as we're not allowed to fly first class unless they are the last seats on the flight and then asked the ticket agent if he could DOWNGRADE his own first class ticket to sit by us. At this point the ticket agent and Jenn were giggling like school girls and Frank left Joe alone with the camera while he ran off to tell Bob, one of the camera guys covering Derek and Drew for this leg, that he may have some footage for "The World's Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines Caught on Tape" special for Fox on Joe's reel right now. Sure enough, Derek and Drew came over to gawk and tease within minutes of securing their own tickets on the same flight. Picture Drew and Ken with a real sing-songy "Tracey's got a boyfriend" that sounds like Survivor’s Jan retrieving treemail, and then picture me disappearing down a hall with David, ditching those guys for a little breather. We had more than an hour to wait for our flight so the teams started congregating again. We're not supposed to tell people that we are racing or that we're on a tv show, but David actually lives in New York City now and has seen the show, so he guessed right away that Jenn and I were on The Amazing Race and he was fascinated. David is a free-lance journalist who writes articles for news and travel magazines. He said he'd love to do a story on Jenn and I and our adventures in the race, but I said it would definitely have to wait until after the show airs, and we'd need to check out our contract to see what we can say about the race. We were all hanging out in the airport when we saw Jill and John Vito trying to book a flight with Flo and Zach and David overheard Flo telling the ticket agent (in Italian, wow, he speaks Italian too) that they were racing and that they didn't want Damon and Andre to get on the same flight. David asked if Flo was a friend of ours and Jenn and I gave an unqualified "No way!" and David smiled and said, "Good, because she is trying to sabotage that other team (Damon and Andre) and I did not think you would approve of that. Watch out for that woman, she is trouble."

    Jenn hung out with John Vito and Jill during this time instead of the Brothers to keep the suspicions of us being part of the Brothers Alliance to a minimum. She filled me in on a lot of the things I missed while hanging out with David. She witnessed an incredibly vocal exchange between Derek and Flo where Derek told her he was happy the lines had been clearly drawn between them (he told us later he was really thinking it was too bad we couldn’t resurrect the Berlin wall to put clearly between us and them). Flo said she didn’t like to be nasty, but Derek called her on this right away and said, and asked if she was kidding! He told her nastiness was in her nature and that she was clearly the dirtiest player of the game! (The nastiest yes, but personally I might give the dirtiest award to Zach’s hair). Flo tried to act offended and then started trying to flirt her way out of the situation. Flo, honey – you got the married one there. That little band on his left ring finger – that’s your clue! We had suggested to Drew earlier that if ever cornered by Flo, he could borrow Derek’s ring and just pretend to be the married one. But apparently that strategy wouldn’t make a difference as she’s too clueless to notice.

    Most everyone else slept on the flight from Casablanca to Paris and then on the next leg from Paris to Munich, but David and I talked the whole time. I knew this was our only chance to talk because as soon as the plane lands Jenn and I need to start racing again and don't have any idea where we will end up next, so I told David how to track me down at my office when I get back home in a month or so, and I have his business card too, but with how much he travels I think his cell phone is the closest he has to a regular phone number. So, after arriving in Munich I got a big smooch from David, to a chorus of snickering from the entire Band of Brothers, and David wishes us luck and disappeared for his meeting in Munich. Jenn and I caught a train to Friedensengel and found Kasperle the clown puppet and got our clue to take a train to Innsbruck, Austria. Traveling from Germany to Austria is hardly a big deal at all, as Jenn remarked she had a tougher time getting into Canada once. Those pesky Canadians! Just kidding folks, as we know about half of The FORT is inhabited by our friends from the Great White North.

    We spent the night in Innsbruck after pulling a number tab at the bobsledding location, as we knew from TAR 2 that the bridge climbing challenge had bunched up all the teams, but the ones who had gone early to claim numbers had priority for doing the challenge. We got the number 2, as Teri and Ian had already claimed number one and nobody else had bothered going to the location that night, knowing that it wouldn't open until the next day. We had a little trouble getting there, though, and had a bit of a "discussion" with our pals the Hottie Twins (as Jenn likes to call them) about who got to go second, as we had the number but Derek and Drew had shown up at the location earlier than we had that morning due to our problems getting a cab. We knew it was rather crucial at there were only 2 sleds and it can take up to 20 minutes to reset the track after the 2 sleds go, but Derek was adamant so we used the old rock, paper, scissors method and ended up going third, with Ken and Gerard following us closely. The bobsled was so cool, I want one for my yard. It was much better than sliding down a hill on a school cafeteria tray.

    We got to the cable car road block and Jenn wanted to do the dangling. I was more than happy to oblige. Jenn is so funny, she kept yelling: "Tracey, you gotta see the view from here, I think I see the Van Trapp family in the hills! They're Alive!" It’s hard to tell if Jenn wanted to do the roadblock because 1-she is very adventurous and loves to try new things, 2-she relished the opportunity to spend some quality time with Drew…or thought they would be dangling together, or 3-she is getting some practical experience for her next job change training Navy SEALS at Coronoda. Once we got back to the gondola station we had gone to buy a map when Drew and Derek had apparently misplaced their clue, not to say that the guys are clueless, mind you, they are very bright guys. We missed a little drama that apparently happened when Teri directed them to the lost clue and then there was a disagreement about whether the twins should share their map with Teri and Ian in the gondola on the way down. We missed that gondola, luckily as it turns out, who would want to be in the middle of that, and made the next one down while scouring our map. When all the team there were departing in pretty close proximity there was a division among the Band of Brothers, with Derek and Drew going right and Ken and Gerard going left. Jenn and I pulled over and looked at our map. It took about a minute, but we realized that Derek and Drew had gone the right way and we had seen Teri, Ian, Jill and John Vito all follow Ken and Gerard in the wrong direction so we knew we were in good shape, but that their path would turn into a dead end soon so we needed to book before they realized their error and caught up with us.

    We made it to Neuschwanstein Castle in Fassen, Germany (where Sleeping Beauty was based) and were the third team to check it. Derek pulled out a football and we played a little tag pickup game while we waited around the mat area for Ken and Gerard to show up. We were sad to see Andre and Damon come in last, but were SO happy that Ken and Gerard did not get eliminated this week. After they found out they were not last, Jenn ran up to Ken and started dancing around with him singing “The Hills are Alive….”. Come to think of it….perhaps Jenn is semi-psychic as she told me on the train last week about a weird dream she had about The Sound of Music…

    Then it was time to get settled in for our 12 hour rest stop I was taking a shower and Jenn shrieked "You've got flowers from David, and a NOTE!" and I ran out in towel to check it out. Sure enough, David had asked Frank, our camera guy, to give him a call when we got to the pit stop so that he could send flowers. His note said: "Please meet me at the Gasthaus Zerklump a block from your lodging at 9:00 for dinner tonight, as I'm on a train from Munich to Fassen as we speak. I promise I won't keep you out too late as I know you have to race tomorrow. David." Well, I'm on my way out the door right now. I hope I won't be Cinderella and stay out too late, as Jenn will kill me if I turn into a pumpkin. Oh, that's right, this is the Sleeping Beauty castle, not Cinderella, so I hope I have time to get some beauty sleep.

    Until next time. Tracey and Jenn signing off.

    To contact the author, please email lurkinggirl@fansofrealitytv.co m
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