Shii Ann

Question for Shii: If you are as smart as you claim, is there any good reason you can give for getting involved in a banana debate that had nothing to do with you? Luckily Penny was there and shut you up. You seem to be the “sit out” girl for any and all physical challenges, which is not what I would want to be remembered as. You either I guess…. That would explain why you continue to tell us how brilliant you are. How happy you must have been to be able finally show us how capable you are at the mental challenges. All tribe mates looked to you for guidance… instead you pulled an ancient Chinese secret out of your ass “If one truly seeks wisdom, wisdom will seek thee” followed by the equally baffling “asking for help with a puzzle is like asking the puzzle for help”. All you did was let your tribe mates know that there was no way your team could win. “Winning is only important if it is important to win”. Yeah… whatever honey… you had your chance to blind us with your brilliance… instead you baffle us with bullsh!t. “One must vote with their heart or their heart will not vote”. The only smart thing I heard you say this week was that a wise person says little and knows much, but a fool says much and knows little (that was the gist of it anyway).. Shii you are right, unfortunately, you keep talking. You survived the cut this week, but unless you can pull something fancy out of your As…..uh HAT, this week, your tribe won’t put up with you much longer.

Penny really voiced her opinion in this episode. During the big Ken/Robb banana fight, she suggested to Shii Ann that she shut up soon. Super! During the reward challenge she fired the big slingshot thingy. Since her team was all over the place, she flat out told them: This is what I am going to do so get your butts out there and catch some balls. While basking in the greatness of the reward she said,” This tea is so good I could drink it like it was milk.” That was an odd statement eh? During chitchat Erin shared with us that herself and Penny do not trust Shii Ann. She didn’t do much in the immunity challenge, but since they lost they went to tribal council. At tribal council she was asked her opinion on losing immunity, she said she was upset because the team really wanted to win this one. Oh well.

This week, Erin got to play the part of narrator for the show. Since she didn't do anything this week, they tapped her to describe in excruciating detail what was going on in the Sook Jai camp. At least the cameras this week had the fortitude to stay above the neckline while she talked. Since she did nothing of note, there's really nothing good or bad to say about her this week. Keep on keepin' on, Erin.


As her hand-picked tribe slows starves itself into oblivion, Jan and friends manage once again to avoid tribal council, but lose the reward challenge and have nothing to eat, and thanks to the loss of the boat, nothing to drink. Even though Jan was not voted off this week, this may be her last Survivor Shadow as she's disappearing so fast she may not even cast a shadow next week. The report will read: "Local Thai authorities responded to a report of a missing woman and were unable to locate anything beyond a saggy pair of overall shorts with a big blob of loose skin in it, with pigtails sticking out."

Best Move:
I think her best move was that, even though it wasn't shown on the show, Jan single-handedly figured out the Immunity Challenge for her team. Jan quickly and lucidly explained that what they needed to do was to make sure that after every single turn their team needed to leave a number that is divisible by 4. That way they could assure a victory. They saw the wisdom of her logic and got on board with the plan. Either that, or they were doing it just to shut her up, but either way, her tribe won immunity.

Worst Move:
Baby bat funeral. Yup, it's official, the old bat has finally gone batty. When encountering a dead animal in the wild, a contestant on Survivor would generally size up it's potential as food, and if it isn't food-worthy, leave it alone. Nope, not Jan, who picked up the dead baby bat carcass, carried it around and showed it to everyone, and then held an elaborate funeral. Brian, the tribe's voice of reason, wondered if Jan was really losing it. Personally I wondered why she didn't just stick it in her ear so that it could be close with the rest of the bats which are clearly inhabiting her belfrey.

You've survived another week, Janny, way to go!


Helen didn't have too many good moments this week. Witness Helen (the Navy Diving Instructor) standing on the beach, complaining that the people who went looking for the boat weren't good swimmers. Witness Helen lobbing takrow balls at people who couldn't catch a ball to save their lives. Witness Helen not even attending Oscar's burial service! I mean, have you no compassion for embryonic bats, woman? While she didn't really do anything BAD, she really did nothing GOOD this week, either.


Our boy Ken turns out to be quite the sweet-talker this week. Early in the episode we were witness to Robb’s confrontation with Ken, (and the sensor gave his bleepin’ finger quite a workout). Robb didn’t think Ken was being honest with him. Ken didn’t show any signs of squirming and wasn’t the least bit intimidated by Robb or anything Robb had to say. He held his ground until Robb gave up and walked away. Later, Ken instigated a confrontation when Robb started horking down bananas that the tribe had decided to hold off eating. With all of that animosity in the air officer Ken managed the impossible…He took Robb off on a little jaunt to the back 80 and convinced him he was being a jerk. After their talk Robb had all kinds of warm fuzzies about his “big brother” Ken. That, ladies and gentlemen, was a clear demonstration of Ken’s silver tongue.

We still haven’t been given a completely clear picture of Ken’s leadership role within the tribe, but I suspect we will soon enough. If SJ goes into the merge with a lead, this guy is going to be hard to stop. Bad Moves: It wasn’t really that bad, but he might have been able to pull off a more subtle “banana cop” routine. Penny seemed to think he was acting childish, but we weren’t privy to the others’ feelings on the matter. Good Moves: Calming Robb down enough to spend a comfortable evening with the tribe and a few bottles of wine. Catching the challenge-winning ball at the RC, (for which he received his requisite monster hug of the episode. This weeks happy hugger…Penny).


Jake is fastly becoming my favorite. He is such a mild-mannered all-around nice man. He doesn't complain. He makes the most of the hand his team is dealt. He gets along with everyone. Most importantly, he tries to make everyone feel good about themselves. By his words and actions, it's so apparent how sincere Jake is. I can see that it truly pains him to vote people out. Earlier in the day, Jake thanked the chicken for giving its life just before twisting its neck and then cooking it. That particular scene, imo, illustrates how I think Jake feels about having to vote someone out in this game. Jake said this vote would be a terribly painful decision to make, but it had to be done. Just like it pained him to kill that chicken, it pained him to vote someone out, but it had to be done, whether he likes it or not. Jake is representing himself well and should continue to do what he's been doing so far.

Best Move:
He cooked the chicken dinner for the tribe again. After losing the IC, Jake was the one who suggested all of them talk about it over a bottle of wine. At TC, his response of this being one of his most difficult decisions to make and of having an unforgettable last few days with the rest of the tribe, sounded genuinely sincere.

Bad Moves:
Again, I didn't really see anything that could be called a bad move. I would've liked to have seen Jake contributing more in trying to solve the Thai 21 IC puzzle.


OK, people, is there nothing Big Ted can't do? You need someone to box out Robb in the Flying Balls Challenge? Ted's your man. You need someone to crack the code for winning the Twenty-One Flag Salute Challenge? Call on Ted. You need someone to bob helplessly along with the current at "whale speed" in a fruitless search for the missing boat? Ding, ding! Ted's here! He's the total package, and he can get all up on you if that's what floats your boat. Can't think of a better standard-bearer for the "computer guys" crowd. Go, Big Ted, go! Looks like he's got himself a secret alliance with Brian goin' on, too. Remains to be seen if two people working in quiet concert can blast their way through the other eight still in the game. The numbers just don't seem to be there, but Ted and Brian are cool customers. If anyone can engineer a 2-man reign of terror in the game of Survivor, it's these two.

Best move
Take your pick. He shut out the Robb-inator in the Thai Alai game after the team called time out and strategically shuttled him over to guard Sook Jai's best offensive player. He even got into Robb's head a little bit with his physical brand of play, but that's not surprising; there's lots of room in there. His other key move was recognizing the winning final configuration in the Flag Challenge and communicating that to his team. Winning the IC was key because the teams now enter the merge at even strength.

Worst move
I was going to throw a flag for swimming out there to find the boat, but let's face it: the man didn't drown so that's actually a positive. No, his worst move was a failure of computer science logic. Once you have the base case figured out in the Immunity Challenge, you need to extend it all the way and solve the entire game. As soon as Sook Jai took two flags, Chuay Gahn could have thrown a hammerlock on 'em and controlled the game all the way to the end. I thought Ted would figure it out, but he didn't. Fortunately for him and his tribe, it didn't matter because Shii Ann turned out to not be the giant brain she said she was.


First of all, thank God you're not representing the U.S. in swimming at the Olympics. No gold medal, no silver medal, no bronze medal...hell, you wouldn't have even won the tin medal! And, heaven help us if you, Ted, and Brian were our representatives for synchronized swimming! Yes, it was a long swim, but c'mon, Clay...Your best move? I guess it'd be going after the boat, but that's a double-edged sword. I guess you can get some Brownie points for going out to look for the boat, but it wiped you out (need yet another nap, Clay?), and you weren't at full speed for the RC, which y'all needed to win badly (and, thanks to Ted, y'all actually almost did). Another potential best move would be your increasing suspicions about a Ted/Brian alliance. If you're able to play your cards right, you could actually work this alliance to your advantage. Your worst move? Again, going after the boat wiped you out right before the RC. You also continue to endear yourself to your fellow tribemates by wanting to take nap after nap after nap...Prediction: You need some luck on your side, Clay. The next time CG goes to Tribal Council, it'll either be you or Pippi Longstocking that gets the boot. It looks like you might be able to survive one more CG trip to Tribal Council, but after that, you need to hope that CG goes on a run of Immunity Challenge wins.


Best move/strategy:
Brian is still playing strong and he is as useful to Chuay Gahn as a prophylactic at an adult entertainment tradeshow in Las Vegas. This week Brian set off with Ted and Clay in search of the missing boat. This was both the best move and the worst move in my opinion. He showed that he was willing to try, is a team player, and conscious of the fact that without this boat things could spiral out of control faster than I do on a black diamond run in Aspen. But he also wore himself out with that physically demanding swim, and that hurt him and his tribe in the reward challenge. Regardless, Brian still would have been standing even if CG would have lost immunity. He again solidified his secret alliance with Ted, and for the most part, I think it's still successfully under wraps even if Clay is starting to show a little suspicion.

Worst move/strategy:
As mentioned above, about the only bad thing that Brian may have done this week was wear himself out hunting down a boat that had disappeared hours (if not a day or 2) before. Fortunately, their exhaustion only impacted the reward challenge, and didn't effect his performance in the immunity challenge. It seems as if he is saving his worst strategy for next week. Perhaps I saw the previews wrong, but it did indeed appear that Brian was forcing worship to the Thai version of the porcelain alter after consuming too much alcohol. I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see how this impacts Brian and Chuay Gahn!

Robb Report- final edition

The episode opens with Robb confronting Ken about Honesty. NYPD vs. Airhead sk8trboy. Hmmm which would you put your money on? Didn’t catch much of the fight as CBS censors bleeped most of it.
Robb digs into the unripened bananas causing uproar in camp. Robb redeems himself by getting 4out of 5 balls for the reward challenge. They get a huge feast complete with music and island dancers. Penny votes him MVP. So silly to fight over bananas. Ken and Robb hug and make up .Robb has some sort of out of body experience at the meal. All I saw was him chowing down. Maybe they stuck some Thai sticks in there. (Thai Stick- prime Thai pot wrapped in pot leaves- very potent)

Robb sits out the IC because it’s a thinking game. That didn’t help as they lost. The night before TC, Robb goes on and on about what a life changing experience he has had ,has found out family is important, all that used to be important was money and getting wasted.( So it WAS the Thai sticks). Robb in his vision declares Ken is ok and Ken says Robb’s ok for a boarder.

Since Robb told everyone he had already won if he got voted off, the others did just that at TC. Robb wishes everyone the best, and gives Ken a big hug.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this article.