Hello friends, fans and supporters! We have been so touched by the outpouring of virtual support for our team, and hope to continue on in the race so we can provide you with inside information behind the scenes of The Amazing Race 3!

It's Portugal baby!
After spending the required 12 hours at the rest stop at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland, we marched on to find the next clue. We headed out into the night nestled between the Twins and the brothers (well, not literally of course), but that would have been fun too. It was then that the secret alliance was formed. At least we HOPE we're in a secret alliance . . .

They didn't show this on the episode this week, but Tracey and I are in fact secretly a part of the "Brothers Alliance." It is our plan to infiltrate the brat pack to gain information that could advance our alliance in the future. The plan worked perfectly as all teams ended up at the airport together again in London. It is at that point we split with the brothers, allowing them to opt for the transfer in Cologne, while we stayed behind on a reconnaissance mission with the other teams on a direct flight to Porto. It was a little risky for us to part from our alliance, but unlike "The Brothers" we still have the fast forward as an option, and we knew we'd be with the "Gang of Eight" who don't seem to have it in for us, unlike Derek and Drew. Tracey thinks they're opposed to Derek and Drew because they think the twins are such a threat to win, but we're not miffed that they don't think we're a credible threat. Let them underestimate us.

This strategy proved very effective as Flo warmed up to us right away and began squawking about how she and Zach looked into the Cologne transfer, but ruled it out due to the short transfer time. Whatever. We were secretly hoping that the guys made it, otherwise our allies would be at the end of the pack and would blow our future strategy plans to pieces. Fortunately, all of the boys made it to Porto ahead of us and we were firmly entrenched with the rest of the crew.

At Calem Port Lodge in Porto, Tracey and I decided on the "Old School" option. We easily handled the 100 pound barrel of wine and grabbed the boat between Ian/Teri and Aaron/Arianne. It's nice to know that our keg handling experience in college has finally paid off. We easily beat team A&A across the river because they spent most of their energy trying to figure out how to devise a potion that would cause the Twins to break out with a bad case of acne or have dingy teeth. I think it only resulted in A&A having a "not so fresh" feeling as they get so worked up about their "twin hunt." Ian and Teri would have done better themselves if Ian could have stopped yelling "hooyah" all the way across.

The rowing came easily for us as we were wise enough to treat the locals with the respect they deserved and ask for some tips. The rowing crew must have thought we were cute as they asked us to have lunch and a couple of beers with them after we delivered our wine. Feeling a bit cocky with how well we had been performing thus far (and knowing that we had time before our train left), we took them up on their offer and spent a good 45 minutes on a lunch break with them. The guys were so sweet, they gave us each a rose which we wore in our hair for the rest of the day. Heather and Eve saw our roses and shot us dirty looks (Heather and Eve are such a drag). They are the only other all female team left since the Soccer Moms got eliminated, but things are getting a little catty between us and them. Nothing like enjoying good food, good wine and good company in good ole Portugal, we're so glad we had the time and opportunity to do that.

While we were having lunch we got to witness some classic TAR3 moments. How Eve ever got a drivers license is beyond me. I'm sure every State Farm and Prudential representative in Boston and New York pinged Ma Bell to get call block on Eve's phone number. Poor Damon and Andre got blocked at every turn by those two...we felt really bad for them, and couldn't believe how they managed to stay as calm as they did. We never saw Flo and Zach or Michael and Kathy, but we were truly amazed of the ease at which John Vito and Jill scooted around the town. We heard a case of wine got dropped and broken, a definite drinking foul.

On the train to Lisbon all the teams were again together. Again, we avoided any outward appearance of an alliance with the brother teams and instead sat with Aaron and Arianne, Flo and Zach, and John Vito and Jill. Yes, it was literally hell on wheels (except for John Vito and Jill who are just cute as buttons). We got out our deck of cards to try to divert Flo from her whining tirade: "oh, the train is too bumpy, your seat is better than mine, it's too noisy in here, . . . ." Unfortunately it wasn't noisy enough to drown out her constant chatter, so we played cards. Aaron is so competitive, every hand was "in your face" or "you bastard" so that gets pretty tiring too. Jill and John Vito were giving us the "Calgon, take me away" look and we all wished that the ride would end soon.

In Lisbon everyone scattered to find their way to the Roadblock at
Restelo stadium. We arrived to learn that the "goal" of the challenge was to defend a penalty kick from a teenage soccer player -- which looked easier on TV than it actually was! Tracey and I decided I would tackle this challenge since I once met Andrew Shue ("Billy" from Melrose Place). Andrew is also a soccer player, so we figured it that might be good luck. It certainly wasn't as easy as Michael made it look --- I was a little stressed when I saw that it only took him 2 attempts! But it wasn't as hard as both Heather and Arianne made it appear. After some great words of encouragement from Tracey, I managed
to stop a quick shot to the left and ran out to the middle of the field and tore off my shirt exposing my rock hard abs and Nike sports bra.

Oh wait, that was Brandi Chastain, not me. I did stop the shot though, and Tracey and I quickly gathered our belongings to get to the pit stop.

As we were leaving we spotted Adrianne having one heck of a time and it seemed like she was about to give up at any moment. Ding, dong the witch is dead we muttered to ourselves under our breath as we walked away. After spending so much time with these 2 on our "mission" to prove we are not in a brothers alliance, we were hoping they would be gone this time as bearing another week with them seemed excruciating.

We made it to the main road and saw Heather and Eve climbing into a taxi. Tracey and I looked at each other admittedly dumbfounded. We took out the clue thinking we had misread the instructions, but alas, they were crystal clear. "You must walk to the pit stop."

To clear up any misconceptions, there was nothing that said "You can get to the pit stop in any manner you see fit as long as you are walking at 4.0 miles/hour or less at the time your feet hit the mat." I asked Tracey if we should look up the meaning of the word "walk" in our TAR guidebook. We certainly didn't want to have an incident similar to Bill Clinton's definition of the word "it" to deal with. The guidebook was very clear and we went on our way jogging lightly to the pit stop 1 miles away. Phil told us that we had arrived 7th just behind Teri/Ian and ahead of John Vito/Jill. As we sat down and started chatting with John Vito and Jill, we watched as the rest of the teams came in.

Tracey and I were thrilled to see team A&A come in last, but Phil
whisked them away immediately. Flo and Zach had arrived pretty early and said they saw Heather and Eve taken into a separate area a little earlier with their faces puffy and swollen like they had been stung by a swarm of bees and a Websters dictionary in hand.

Only later did we learn that the cheating that Tracey and I witnessed caused them to incur a 37 minute penalty and they were eliminated from the race bumping us to 6th place.

We were happy to see them go, don't get us wrong. But we would have preferred to see team A&A go this week and deal with the legal beagles later on. These "twin hunters" have got to go! At least they are starting last on the next leg and will hopefully be the most likely to miss the crucial flight or ride to the next destination.

Well, that's it for now! We'll catch you next week!

Jenn & Tracey