Shii Ann

What can I say about Shii Ann this week? She finally got more airtime.. Or rather airtime that consisted of more than her confessionals, telling us how much smarter she is than all her tribe mates. I honestly can’t decide if she feels slighted and thinks that others do not like her because of her cultural differences, or if she honestly just noticed that she does carry cultural differences and had just never noticed. I think this week, I will have to make her best and worst move one and the same. Worst because A) She seriously grossed Robb out with not only her eating habits, but also the fact that she ate every edible part of the chicken. B) She made a point of pointing out her differences at that moment. Best move, for many reasons: A) None of that chicken went to waste. If you insist on killing an animal to eat it, you darn sure should eat every bit of it. B) She was hungry Chicken is high in protein, something seriously lacking at camp. C) Some believe that when you eat the heart of an animal you gain all its strengths…. WOO HOO “Give me the strength of the Chicken”!!!! So far I see her remaining for at least the next couple weeks. Robb is a much bigger pain in the butt, and as the merge draws nearer, they will no longer need his strength and will, in fact, fear it.


Erin's best move this week was a split decision: agreeing with Robb and then voting against Steph, or daring to eat a grub. I'm not sure you'd have gotten me to eat those things, unless it was for immunity. Seasoned or not, grubs is grubs. Erin is again showing that she's a lot smarter than we may have given her credit for. I think that Robb was under the impression after their talk that she'd vote for Shii Ann. Robb was wrong. Now, it remains to be seen who Erin's secretly allied with, but I'm sure it's someone. Maybe Ken?


Penny, Penny…. A Penny for your thoughts? You weren’t featured much this week, other than to say you thought Stephanie was doing better, and trying harder to “fit in”. I guess you didn’t think she was trying hard enough. You did enjoy the chicken. Said you were actually full afterwards. Another good week for you, since you like to talk about food all the time, at least there was actual food there to talk about. You seemed to enjoy your playtime in the water, and somehow managed not to laugh or speak condescendingly to Robb when he was stung. I would have to mark that as your best move, especially if you found someone to laugh with in private about it later.


Last week, Helen made a smart move, by putting the spotlight squarely on Jan as an obvious boot choice. This week, she proves pretty useless, except for her being one of the 3 to swim for water when Ted, during the night, accidentally ground the boat's rope loose. Helen's a complainer, but she always seems to worm her way into the group in power, which means she's going to stick around for at least 2 more councils.


Hanging in there for yet another week, and hanging out well below her swimsuit, Jan has proved herself to have more staying power than I originally thought. Jan's favorite moment of the week, wasting away in Margaritaville with her tribe safetely intact as no-one from either tribe wished to switch. Jan almost fell to pieces at the thought that any of her hand-picked tribemates might consider abandoning the tribe, while they were all secretly hoping for some "fresh blood" from the other tribe to defect. Jan frolicked among the flounders during the fish mongering IC and proved herself worthy of trying out for the next season of Bachelorettes in Alaska or any other reality tv show in which flinging about fish plays a prominent role.

Best Moment: Despite demonstrating earlier her ability (with Helen) to get terribly and utterly LOST IN THE BOAT, Jan was not the silly tribe member who managed to LOSE THE BOAT, so she's now considered an expert boater for her tribe (albiet a boat-less tribe). But at least they are all still together. Come on, sing with Jan and Helen, we are FAMILY, I got all my tribemates with me. Why did that money just fall out of a tree? Oh, poor thing was using both hands to cover his ears.

Wost Moment: The very silly song and dance routine after Jan got the RC treemail, in which Jan, in pigtails and overall shorts, pranced around singing "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya" indicating that with the super duper amount of $1,000, she's ditching her tribemates and the show in favor of a glamour retirement that such funds can provide. Oh Jan, we all saw you, and yes, we wouldn't want to be you. We wouldn't even want to be near you after that fishmongering challenge, in which you unsucessfully tried to carry some smaller fish in your mouth. Now if only you had stuck some down the flap in your overalls your tribe might have had some protein to eat.


I would have paid good money to see Clay lope out of the water and strangle Jan during the treemail "incident". His worst move was not shutting her up. His best move was taking a leadership role during the reward challenge, and buying his tribe spaghetti and meatballs (and a pitcher of lime-aid and some nachos & margaritas). He did well during the challenge, and although he has started to complain about food quite a bit, I think he'll make it to the merge.


Best move/strategy:
The self-proclaimed "shark" reacted quickly and moved swiftly to secure an alliance with Ted this week. As long as Brian and Ted remain cool and keep their alliance under wraps, this could be a really good move. Brian also remained invaluable to his team by performing well in the immunity challenge and by swimming miles to the water hole with Helen to keep his team hydrated for the competition.

Worst move/strategy:
Securing an alliance with Ted might not have been the best move. Our friend Ted, afterall, did lose the boat! On the saliva issue, keep it in the mouth buddy. Whether or not you swallow is not a piece of information that we need to know.


Years ago, Ronald Reagan was known as "the Teflon President" because whenever scandals would explode, nothing would actually stick to him. Say hello to Teflon Ted. First, he survived the grooooind with Ghandia. Now he loosely draped the boat tether around a floating stick, enabling it to go off exploring on its own overnight. But is Tedlon reviled by his tribemates? Nope. It's as if they blame "Betsy" herself for deciding it was time to leave the nest. Teflon Ted, man. He's untouchable.

Best move:
Sure, Stephanie and Penny and Jan were stuffing the little silver fish in their mouths to speed the sorting along. But who else actually put entire squids in their mouths? That's right. Nobody. Teflon Ted carried his team to victory by stuffing those bad boys in his yap, then turning his finely-tuned computer science mind to the details of making sure the ground was "Clear! Clear! Clear!" before summoning Jeff.

Worst move:
Come on, Tedlon. How hard could it've been to drag Betsy waaaaay up on the beach and then cinch her to a tree using a series of Boy Scout knots? Losing the boat appears to be Ted's fault, and this could be very troublesome for his tribe down the road.


Jake should keep up with his fatherly-figure role in the tribe. It's working for him just fine. He should stay with the Ken,Erin,Penny Alliance, but keep his eyes open for any other opportunities that may arise. When bullets start flying, the leader will be the first target. It's good that Ken has emerged as the visible leader. This will allow Jake to fly low and not be seen as an immediate threat. Jake, you're doing a smurfy job. Keep it up.

Best Move:
Well, it looks like Jake has taken on the role of "Papa Smurf" for the Sook-Jai tribe. He cooked a mean chicken-a-la-Jake. It was kind of rubbery, as described by one food critic, but her actions gave it a "finger lickin' good" rating. After that gourmet meal, Jake took the kids out for a swim. Sk8ter Boy got in trouble and Jake and the girls didn't really think anything of Robb's yelp. They thought he was performing the "Dude at the Beach" comedy skit. Well, it did turn out that Robb was stung by a sting-ray, and it was good ole Jake to the rescue. He tended to Robb's wounds while everyone else just stood there looking like lost sheep. The flock would've been lost without Jake. During the fish-sorting IC, Jake probably did better than some of his younger tribemates. After they lost the IC, the Shii-Devil was feeling a little blue. With his Papa Smurf wisdom, Jake gives Shii-Ann a nice pep-talk, and happiness returns to Smurfville.

Bad move:
Since the first episodes where Jake didn't handle well the 'building shelter or getting food" dilemma, I haven't really seen anything else that would constitute a bad move for Jake.


We finally hear from our quiet cop this week. He led the tribe through the reward challenge, decisively bidding on the burgers and grubs. We are starting to see him emerge as the behind-the-scenes leader. But really, any airtime of Ken is better than what we (haven't) seen so far, right?


Hey rooster don't say Robb didn't warn you. The crowing rooster becomes breakfast . Robb smiles the whole time that chicken is cooking. At eating time , Robb sits back in horror as Shii eats all parts of the chicken. All I can think is - Hello you are starving, maybe you should follow suit.
He obviously missed Skupins pig eye feast in S2.Robb has a series of confessionals where all he does is talk about Shiis table manners.

After, Robb runs into the surf and swims back toward the shore. Suddenly he goes under yelling "Something bit me. It was sharp and hurt like hell. Dammit! Hurts!"
Then follows a hilarious exchange between Shii and Robb where she basically tells him he's not in pain. Everyone else ignores Robb and his bite. Hey Robb ay least Shii talked to you !
Sorry but his whole exchange has me laughing myself silly.

The new improved Ffod auction/switcheroo/gross food is next. Robb doesn't appear to bite at the chance to switch, but scarfs down hamburger ,fries and ice cream.
He leaves the mystery grubs alone but has a horror wuss look on as Steph and Shii dig in. Robb has no other components to his normal diet than what he ate I conclude.
He is now sleeping on beach like Steph. When arises he and Erin gather some water and Robb, starts in about Shii and chicken again.(Get over it)
At the IC of fish sorting, Robb spends most of the time running like a girl, with a few fish in his hand.
The Chewies win.
At TC Jiffy and Robb start in on each other. Jiff wants to vote Robb off. His vote for Shii "Nothing personal, sorry you get on my nerves and I don't want you around" Uh yeah OK Robb
Wait till next week where it looks like Robb and Ken have it out.
I hope Ken wipes up the beach with him!


Scene at Sookie- Its still dark a chicken crows, and then is removed for the kill by Stephanie and Jake.
Mental not don't wake either of them up.
Stephanie takes her share of the chicken, not freaking out when Shii eats the innards and neck.
At the beach party, when Robb steps on the stingray,she shows genuine concern but no sympathy for Robb either.
At the RC
At Jiffy's offer to switch, Stephanie looks like she wants to but doesn't .Then in confessional she says, " My immediate reaction, I gotta do this ... but I just didn't".
Jiffy's auctioning food at the ALL NEW Challenge. Up first, a hamburger and fries"Sookies win it and all tuck in and share.
Next the mystery prize - Sookies get nicely seasoned organic, indigenous grubs- the gross food challenge only they don't have to eat it. Steph , Shii and Erin dig in anyway.
Next they are then rewarded with hot fudge sundae with all fixings Yumm .

In the late afternoon,Steph brings back bananas.
Penny says Stephanie has changed,she's been around more, been more helpful, wanted to participate,feels a little concerned where she stands and is trying to make up for how she treated them before.
I'm really sure Steph is gone at this point...
Steph and Shii talk briefly,then a Steph confessional" I'm not for hugging a lot anyway, The niceness is because everyone isn't starving." She gives the impression that her starving was what made her so hard to get along with.Too little too late I'm afraid.

At the IC, Stephanie shines. She sorts the fish quickly ,stuffing up to 4 at a time in her mouth,and grabs bigs handfuls. She and Shii appear to be the only ones working really hard at the fish . The Sooks Suck and loose . Sad faces all around. Steph confesses" I wish I'd have gone over there, Everybody is blah around here. I feel like I'm next. I could be wrong"
At TC- Jiff asks if she is getting along better Steph replies that they were focused on shelter. I thought food and water was what we needed. They've come along way, doing a lot better." I'm thinking if anyone was undecided, that little condecending speech turned the tide.Really dumb Stephanie.
The votes are read, and its Stephanie.

I'll bet she wishes she switched now........

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