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Thread: Survivor 5: Standing in the shadows - A collaboration Episode 4

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    Standing in the shadows - A collaboration Episode 4


    Best move/strategy:
    I just don't know how he does it. Somehow Brian is a full-fledged member of the inner circle known as the "boys club," but it is not held against him like the others. Numerous comments about both Ted and Clay were made throughout the show by all three women, and their disapproval of the boy bonding/lack of work. But Brian skated by without even a mention! I'm not sure what he's doing, but whatever it is it's brilliant! I also think he must have acquired some off camera pull or influence over Helen. She likes and respects Brian, and I feel he's the main reason she pulled the gender bender tonight and voted out Ghandia. (ed note: oh thank goodness she is gone)

    Worst move/strategy:
    I would have to say his analysis of "men jobs" vs. "women jobs" was not exactly a stellar move. Of course, I think he was trying to be funny, and nobody on the island other than the cameraman actually heard his comments, so it probably won't harm him (at least as far as the effort to win a million bucks) As for his popularity among the viewers, that might be another story. Other than that, the only thing I can think of that he should change is that hideous black bikini bottom. Get rid of that thing quickly!


    Best move/strategy:
    I honestly don't believe Clay had a single positive moment this evening. About the ONLY thing he did right was not take a bite out of that banana he found in the cave.

    Worst move/strategy:
    Where to start! Could it have been any worse? He has somehow managed to alienate 50% of his fellow teammates. And even if he makes it to the merge, he has at least one very vocal enemy on the other tribe that he'll have to contend with (Robb). I don't get the overwhelming feeling that either Ted or Brian would go out on a limb to save him. And what's with the cute "Bye Bye Denver Diva" message? I always thought the instructions at tribal council were pretty clear. For a minute I thought Jeff was going to throw out his vote! You gotta a lot of work to do Clay, or you'll be touring the Thai countryside with Ghandia in no time!


    Oh saggy Jan, how can you be so clueless? You were the only person convinced by Ghandia to relieve the unbearable tension in the tribe caused by her rift with Ted by voting for Clay. Helen wasn't falling for Ghandia's lines (or whines) anymore, but Jan ate it hook line and sinker and has isolated herself from the rest of her tribe. If Ghandia was the severed arm that a shark had bit off and the rest of the tribe was ignoring, the Jan was the sagging ass that the same hungry shark had made into a late afternoon snack.

    Best move:
    All I can think of this week is that Jan didn't fall into the tribe's campfire this week. She avoided serious injury once again, way to go Jan!

    Worst move:
    I'm going to have to go with Jan's hairstyle choice of pigtails again as her mistake of the week, as I don't have anything more to add to Jan's above discription which is a laundry list of bad moves.

    Without a reallignment of the tribes, plan on next week being my last shadow for Jan, as her tribe likely won't win the immunity challenge unless it involves making a completely subjective SOS symbol at their camp or the other tribe takes a dive just to ditch Stephanie.


    Ted spent the majority of this episode cleaning up the mess that erupted last week. Quite sensibly, he distanced himself completely from Ghandia, refusing even to look at or talk to her. In so doing, he allowed Ghandia to carry on in her overly theatrical way and eventually dig her own grave. Ted's overall position in the game has still been jeopardized by the situation with Ghandia, but he could recover nicely if he makes the merge. The distance from the actual situation, the infusion of new people who don't know what happened, and, of course, the absence of Ghandia herself will make all the difference.

    Best move:
    Isolating Ghandia and leading the charge to have her booted from the tribe. He bonded with the other members of the tribe (especially the men) and made Ghandia superfluous. Getting rid of her as soon as possible will minimize the damage done by their moonlight encounter.

    Worst move:
    Ted's not alone in this one, but lounging around with the boys could have made him more of a target. The 3-2 edge held by the men may have eliminated the threat posed by alienating himself from the women. Still, it's never a good idea to draw undue attention to yourself. This same behavior could cause trouble after the merge, if he makes it that far.


    Helen, you got yourself WAY too involved in the whole Ted versus Ghandia debacle. Ghandia played you, and you only woke up to it in time to make the right decision at the wire. I know you think saying something about laziness to the guys would hurt you, but maybe hook up with Leatherface and you can approach them together. Your only saving grace this week was voting for Clay, the lesser of two evils. Getting rid of Ghandia should certainly help ease the tension in the tribe.


    Girl, you need to thank your lucky stars that the Soup Guys won that Immunity Challenge, or else last night would have been your swan song! That win guaranteed you another 3 days on the island, but what about after that? Something tells me you better start praying to the almighty Immunity Challenge gods that Soup Guys' string of IC victories continues...

    Still, why so bitter? Because you're hungry? Oh, cry me a river. You've seen the show...you knew what it would be like. Because your buddy Jed is gone? Well, something tells me you'll be seeing him soon enough, so y'all can comiserate at Loser Lodge together. Maybe the thought of seeing him again (and hopefully sooner rather than later) will keep you going and get that energy level of yours up above the 6 that the bananas took you to...

    Your Best move this week? I guess you actually had two. You did get some squid for the tribe, and you did paint your tribe's dummy (and, no I'm not talking about Robb). However, your worst moves this week also involved the squid and the dummy. Sure, you got some squid off the beach, but you shouldn't have been so pissy about it when you brought it back to the tribe. And, what was up with not allowing anyone else on your tribe to help you paint the dummy? You may think your doing good things for your tribe, but your actions in carrying out those tasks are only alienating yourself from your tribemates even further...

    Prediction: Unless the Soup Guys win the Immunity Challenge again next week, we'll be saying "ta ta" to Stephanie (and her ta-ta's).


    There was some speculation floating around this week that you were the inspiration for that Aerosmith hit, "Dude Looks Like a Lady" - I believe it's all made-up, but I hope that doesn't hurt too bad. You're getting pretty good at flying under the radar, and I don't see anything threatening to put you out of the game on the horizon. Just hide behind the mountains, and you should be safe until you get to the merge. And when that happens, hope it's mostly guys.


    The show opens with Sook-Jai in the pouring rain. Robb is sitting out in the rain, still trying to figure out that 3 is less than 5. All he knows is his dude buddy Jed is gone, and he is very confused.
    When SJ gets the dummy for the RC, Robb brightens up considerably. Here is a friend he can count on.
    He immediately pulls a SJ do rag on him, and sits on his heels grinning madly, while Stephanie decorates the rest of him.
    He doesn't care much that the rest of the crew view he and Stephanie as having water logged brains.

    The time comes for the challenge and Robb puts the dummy in a headlock for the duration of the course. He is carrying the dummy as well, but it just brings visions of his choke hold on Clay.
    I suddenly realize the dummy can't squeal back, and thats what is making Robb happy.
    SJ are first through the course, and are rewarded with lots of bananas. Robb runs in and grabs the first ones, declaring them sweet soft and warm. After the fruit feast he is suddenly transformed into Father Robb, and gives a blessing worthy of a pro. What the ???
    Back at camp the surprise is 4 chickens. Robb is super excited about the chickens. He lays down the camp rules to the startled chickens,
    1. Robb expects eggs 2.if no eggs then you are supper 3. no crowing at 3 am or you are supper. Robb is estatically happy and ready for the IC.

    At IC, its a puzzle. He stands by quietly at the first puzzle as its solved. The next puzzle is co-done by puzzlemaster Shii Ann. Robb makes suggestions, Shii Ann listens and solves the puzzle. After the win he and Shii share a big hug.
    This to me is more shocking than almost anything else.
    Robb is the simple minded, and Shii the cool efficient brainy one.
    I think that alliance will be short lived. Robb will show up at next TC thinking 2 is somehow more than 5.


    Although we haven’t been privy to much footage of Ken, we can assume that he has continued to play the game well. We have not heard a single bad word about him from any of his tribemates, and we have yet to see any extremely foolish actions or comments from Ken himself. The pattern for Ken’s appearances is becoming well established. During each show we see one boyish grin, one interactive comment, one aside and/or one-liner, one big hug, and one manly shot with muscles flexed. His flex shot this week proudly displayed body paint on both arms, NYPD down one arm and 9.11.01 down the other. So who has been rubbing her grubby little hands on our hunky cop? Hmmmmmm…

    Good Moves:
    He performed well in the challenges this week, both physical and mental. The ladies really love jumping into his manly arms to celebrate the victories, and this weeks monster hug was provided by Shii Ann. I think that just about takes care of making the honey rounds. Bad Moves: As best as I can tell, we weren’t shown any. Good job Ken.

    Shii Ann

    I am really beginning to wonder what is going on with Shii Ann. She has reminded us constantly how smart she is, and I’m thinking maybe she’s trying to convince the others of her importance. They have her sit out of every physical competition. Why would they do that? Here’s my take on it: 1) She is just as weak as weak can be, and truly has proven to her tribe mates over and over that there is no way she can participate in this kind of activity. 2) The tribe figures they could use her brainpower in events that are sure to alternate that way. I figure she should consider herself lucky as hell if it is #2.

    Best Move:
    Well, I guess an argument could be made that she was instrumental in winning the immunity challenge. Whether she was or not, I have no idea. It didn’t seem as though I heard or noticed her doing anything spectacular, BUT she has told us numerous times that she she’s “logical” and can do puzzles “blindfolded”, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Worst Move:
    I’m not sure I can come up with a move I would say was really bad. She does continue to believe she is the brightest bulb in the pack, whether she is or not is irrelevant, if she comes off as being arrogant, and too cocky it could hurt her in the future.

    The best thing I can say about Penny is that I didn’t hear her mention food this week. Of course considering they had bananas she didn’t really need to. I was just happy she didn’t start telling the others how good the bananas would have been with some ice-cream, nuts, flavored syrup and a cherry. She blended well with the majority of tribe members, and participated to a certain degree with the popular Stephanie bashing, letting her “family” know she’s down with it. She helped with all the little things that need to get done on a daily basis, other than picking dead squid off of the beach, or decorating the dummy, or carrying much of the weight of the dummy, or helping much with the Tan grams. (Just to note I did Tan grams in school last year, I would have so kicked butt if they’d had to make a house or a stork!) Other than that, she’s playing well. She continues to look pretty, and we all know how important that is.


    Ol' Jake didn't really do much this week. I think he mumbled something about building the fire at one point. He scowled at Stephanie quite a bit (just like everyone else). And he half-run, half-tumbled over the hill chasing after the Sook Jai dummy (just like everyone else). I'd say he's still right where he needs to be.

    Best move:
    Once again, he gave a great accounting of himself in the very physical "Giant Dummy" Challenge. As the oldest member of the tribe, Jake needs to be certain he doesn't cost the tribe any challenges by becoming a physical liability (see Ghandia and/or Jan). I'm reminded of Rudy and Rodger, the greatest "old guy" Survivors the game has ever seen.

    Worst move:
    I don't remember seeing him in his cool hat. He should wear that hat at least once an episode.

    ”Bye Bye Denver Diva”

    And so we say goodbye to kickboxing mama, the master strategist. I just can’t understand why dividing the tribe and making their skin crawl didn’t propel her into the final four.

    This episode we were treated to another round of Ghandia’s venting, complaining, dodging responsibility for her actions, using venomous sarcasm, demonstrating underdeveloped people skills, isolating herself, and performing dreadfully in 2 more challenges. The only real surprise is that Helen momentarily considered voting to save her. Bad Moves: I still say signing up for the show. Good Moves: There were two…neither one of them helped her in the game, but they were helpful to the viewing audience. Firstly, her failed strategy seemed to bring everyone’s true nature a little closer to the surface so that we have more to pick at. Secondly, it was nice of her to use her final speech to tell us about her inner bitch and the divisive victim strategy that went horribly wrong. Now that she cleared that up for her last handful of supporters on earth, they can move on to other causes.

    I heard the prize is down to $900K this year. Marky had an unexpected budget deficit and had to dig a little deeper. It seems the medical bills spiraled out of control when a team of doctors arrived to treat the eyes of Burnett’s camera crew after Ghandia’s naked jaunt down the path. He also had to bring in extra technical staff to figure out how to adjust the blur-blob from Stephanie-size to Jiggle-size. Those kind of things add up, don’tcha know.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this article.
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