Still Ready to Work

We get two shows this week. I’m not sure whether they are afraid someone will squawk, as these finalist shows are pre-recorded, or whether they are trying to drum up business. The question, ‘Will Joey get to host this week?’, is the most pressing thought on my mind.

Well, the kids are still ready to work. I have to say they are morphing into a decent dance troupe if nothing else. The clothes have taken another turn for the better, going into dance slouch this show.

Debbie repeats the triple threat monologue, adding they are looking for the next J-Lo or Michael Jackson. I can buy J-Lo, but I don’t think anyone wants to emulate the freak show MJ has become.

First Up is Alexis Adler. The poor kid’s boyfriend broke up with her, and she is pretty down on herself. She is way too young for this competition. She should be at home doing her high school play.
They have dressed this 16 yr old in a tankini for her performance, and taught her some stripper dancing. Very uncool. The choice of song “Hey big Spender” only adds to the Lolita unease. She does a good job on the dance and her vocals are a little shaky, but she mostly pulls it off.
Johnny says he “likes it”, but doesn’t sound convinced.
Carnie at least, is upset with the stripper crotch to audience dance, but said she “kicked ass”.
JoJo is just upset he’s not 16, and seems kind of shaken at his reaction.
I’m a little uneasy.

Dion Watson was raised in Compton. Kudos to the kid just for getting out of there alive. Mom forced him to take dance class. To keep him out of trouble, I suspect. Moms do know best sometimes, as Dion’s dancing is far and away the best of the group, if not the whole competition.
He chooses a James Brown song. It’s not a good choice for him as James is a different style of dance and frankly is no vocalist. No darts at me, He may be a legend, but it’s true. Still, Dion amazes with the dance, and throws in a moonwalk for good measure.
Johnny – dancing is off the hook, and he has what it takes
Carnie- Born to dance – vocals are sharp, as in above the note.
JoJo – repeats - what an unbelievable dancer.
Dion says he was just “havin’ fun”. Cute kid.

Going through the prizes again this week, the prize has turned back to yada yada and a “cash prize”. I wish they would make up their mind, or get the cue cards straight.

The next performer is Allyson Arena or ‘Ally’, as she says in the ‘Came to Work’ routine. She went to the original School for the Performing Arts that Fame was based on. She was told while there, to find another career. Ally is bent on revenge for that little snub.
For some reason her performance of ‘Cabaret’ reminds me of a beauty contest presentation. I’m expecting flaming batons. It was a good show, and maybe just because it seemed so polished, it gave me that impression.
Johnny feels he “saw the triple threat”.
Carnie brands it as “perfect” BUT more Broadway than pop star.
JoJo wants to hear more vocals from her, perhaps old school Aretha.
She just loves performing. I think this girl needs to spend more time with Johnny than Debbie. I think she could cut loose on the right song too.

Justin Jacoby has come to mend his broken family. Dad split when he was 10 and shows up for this show. Nothing like cashing in on your son’s newfound fame, Daddy. A white rapper stuck in Vanilla land, he performs an original rap – Just A Dream. If nothing else, Justin goes his own way, and has to be given a pat on the back for that.
The “Not a pop star- more than an Idol” line has me laughing. He also takes a poke at the Fame star “Leroy” in the verse. I am SO not a rap fan, but this kid has me enjoying it.
Johnny enjoyed the kid’s originality too and tells him not to change a thing.
Carnie, (Whose hair I’ve just noticed, is weirdly getting blonder every show), is not a rap fan but proclaims a fire lit under her butt. OK Carnie, that explains the blonde hair.
JoJo- Can see playing Justin on air every night and thinks he’s Justin Timberlake meets Eminem. I don’t think he’s either, and is his own show.
Debbie thanks him for bringing rap into the competition, in a tone like the one the Grammy’s used to use when referring to rap. Oh That….

Christine had a job once, and didn’t care for it. Hey so did I, high five on that . She says she ‘has to do this’. If you can escape 9-5, go for it.
She performs the same song we heard a hundred times in the initial auditions – All that Jazz. They have at least dressed her properly. She does a cute performance, but is shaky. I thought she might fall off her chair at the end.
Johnny sees potential, and if she keeps trying, she will get “there”.
Carnie sees room to improve, and advises to “tighten it up”.
JoJo sees a lot of potential.
She snaps back, she’ll listen to JoJo “when he cuts his hair.”
I’ve seen pics and JoJo’s hair is way more in control than usual.
Feisty doesn’t play well in the 9-5 grind so she better keep working...

Last one up is Raymond Lee or ‘Ray’. He snuck in without his parent’s knowledge. They are proud now , but sound like the ‘when are you going to get a real job’ type. His voice reminds me of another recent performer, in the fact you wonder where it came from. No dance at all in his individual performance, which is kind of puzzling. His voice is compelling, and his performance of “I’ll Be There” sound. To be fair, I don’t even think Mikey danced on that one.
Johnny claimed Ray “brought him into the performance”.
Carnie again, said he “kicked butt” and added she “enjoyed it”.
JoJo, ever the excitable judge, says he was “ready to kiss him”.
Down JoJo down.
I have to add, Ray is a sweetie.

This week’s group performance is “Living in America.” Not a great song at all for this type of show. Ally danced the best of the girls and Dion danced everyone off the stage. Love those homeboy pants, as JJ nearly lost his several times.

Winners are announced right away .Thankfully

Allyson Arena, JJ (who nearly faints) and **dramatic pause** Raymond Lee .
Interesting choices. The judges are definitely looking for something different, as they weren’t the obvious ones. I was scared at the beginning of the show with the Johnny connection that they were trying for Britney / Justin clones. These last three are anything but. I’m on the hook to see what happens next.
No, Joey still isn’t allowed to host. I hope that changes when they get into the real competition.

Stanley Cups and Penalties to ( yeah so I taped it ) Boo Hiss Devils...