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Thread: Mercy Street (PBS)

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    Mercy Street (PBS)

    Is anyone else watching this new PBS offering? I was impressed with the first episode, as they got a number of things right, including that the Civil War term for PTSD was "Soldier's Heart," a term I still think is better than the ones that followed it, such as shell shock, battle fatigue, and PTSD itself. Shock, fatigue, and disorder are all terms which imply something is wrong with those affected; soldier's heart, on the other hand, sounds more like something is right with the person who has it. He/she is simply reacting with increased sensitivity to a situation that's deeply, frighteningly abnormal, and if he/she can't come up with a way to deal with it immediately and independently, as some people can, it's not his/her fault but the result of the bizarrely brutal situation in which he/she finds himself/herself. Considering that the fatalities from the battle of Franklin alone were higher than what we've thus far had in Iraq/Afghanistan, it seems remarkable that Soldier's Heart wasn't reaching epidemic proportions in the Civil War (though, perhaps, it was and simply went undiagnosed or was diagnosed and treated with morphine as opposed to therapy, effectively silencing those who had it--another thing the series is getting right; medical knowledge was way behind innovation in munitions, which led to disastrous results in terms of fatalities).

    They also got right the animosity between north and south spilling into all areas of the war, including the hospitals and the importance of making what was then known as a "good death." That young soldier at the end of the episode, the one with the flag, was a stellar example of what was considered a "good death."
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    Re: Mercy Street (PBS)

    I made it through the first 40 minutes and just couldn't stick with it. Nope.
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    Re: Mercy Street (PBS)

    Quote Originally Posted by tinderbox View Post
    I made it through the first 40 minutes and just couldn't stick with it. Nope.
    Me too, tinderbox. I didn't even make it that long. I only lasted about 20-25 minutes. I think that 'on paper' this show was a great idea, but I found it so repugnantly unpleasant that I couldn't get past that.

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    Re: Mercy Street (PBS)

    Tilden, are you still watching Mercy Street? I am addicted! I think it is very well-done and entertaining. I was so sad to see Samuel have to leave, though.

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    Re: Mercy Street (PBS)

    I e really enjoyed this series, and sad it was only six episodes. Josh Radnor was fantastic! I'm certain it will be picked up for a second season.

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