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Thread: Gang Related (FOX)

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    Gang Related (FOX)

    The series follows members of the Elite LAPD Gang Task Force as they take on the city's most dangerous gangs, including one with which a task force member has ties.


    Ramon Rodriguez as Ryan Lopez: an LAPD Detective who was taken in and raised by the Acosta family at a young age after the death of his father

    Terry O'Quinn as Sam Chapel: Head of the LAPD Gang Task Force

    The RZA as Cassius Green: DEA Agent

    Jay Hernandez as Daniel Acosta: son of Acosta family who is currently working as an investment banker

    Rey Gallegos as Carlos Acosta: son of Acosta family who is currently a lieutenant of the "Los Angelicos" gang

    Sung Kang as Tae Kim: FBI Agent

    Inbar Lavi as Vanessa "Vee" Dotsen: ICE Agent

    Cliff Curtis as Javier Acosta: Head of the Acosta Crime Family

    Shantel VanSanten as Jessica "Jess" Chapel: Assistant District Attorney who is also Sam Chapel's daughter


    Jay Karnes as Paul Carter: an LAPD Internal Affairs agent investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Ryan's partner

    Emilio Rivera as Tio Gordo: right-hand man of the Acosta Crime Family

    anyone watching? good pilot and 2nd episode so far...

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    Re: Gang Related (FOX)

    Really liking this show. I hope it stays. Good story line and it has Terry O'Quinn to boot!
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    Re: Gang Related (FOX)

    I missed the pilot episode and missed some of the storyline. I watched the second episode and liked it so I'll give it a chance.
    Terry O'Quinn.

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    Re: Gang Related (FOX)

    I'd forgotten about this one, but I'll pick up episode 1 on Demand and then dvr episode 2. It may be too violent for me, but Terry O'Quinn makes it worth at least a look.
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    Re: Gang Related (FOX)

    I saw it , I didn't love it, hubby really enjoyed it though
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    Re: Gang Related (FOX)

    I made it through 20 minutes. It's outta there.

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