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Thread: Turn (AMC)

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    Re: Turn (AMC)

    I love Abe. He is stuck in an impossible situation and has found himself at the center of a very dangerous era. Seems to me he and his father have had troubles for a long time and that his brother was *the favored one*. He certainly respected his father/family to the point where he married a woman he did not love just to keep a promise.
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    Re: Turn (AMC)

    Oh man....I really need to see captioning for this show, with all the accents, and AMC shows episodes you missed, but no captioning... and NOW I discover that it is on my On Demand under "entertainment" ...but only the most recent 4 episodes. At least I've caught up on those but I missed a bunch after the first one...

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    Re: Turn (AMC)

    The show has just been picked up for season 2!!!
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    Re: Turn (AMC)

    Nice to know.
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