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Thread: Atlantis (on BBC America)

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    Atlantis (on BBC America)

    Yesterday, I was looking through the menu of Comcast On Demand to find tv episodes to watch and noticed this show. I hadn't heard of it before since I don't watch BBC America (I don't even know what channel that's on in my cable lineup) but it sounded interesting so I watched it. I thought it was very good!

    The premise is the main character (Jason) lives in the modern-day and he goes out in a submarine to look for his missing dad. His submarine gets wrecked and he ends up stranded on a beach. He goes to the nearest city and finds he's in the ancient city of Atlantis, where he meets many historical/mythological people and creatures and goes on a series of adventures.

    Here's a link to the show's website: Atlantis | BBC America
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    Re: Atlantis (on BBC America)

    I've watched almost all of the episodes, pikachu. Matter of fact, I think I mentioned it on one of the other threads when it first started. I like it, though not as much as the other BBC shows I watch. Mark Addy (Hercules) is the draw for me in this series. I remember him from The Fully Monty with Robert Carlyle and Tom Wilkinson. They seem to have an interesting mix of mythology and history. I really like Pythagoras as an unknown mathematician.
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    Re: Atlantis (on BBC America)

    Season one on BBC America itself is now over. I have found the BBC America show to be a good refresher from typical American TV. Shows on BBC America are not afraid to all of a sudden kill off a major character without warning or taking plots in a way that nobody would expect.

    One thing that is strange about the show however is that the fact that he came from "our world" is barely addressed in the series. It is almost as if it never happened. Yes Jason does seem to know elements of what happened in mythology from our world and on the show they say he was "sent away for protection" but other then that it is barely addressed. You think by now at least among his friends he would have talked about it by now.

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