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1. What we see so far as to what's happened to Madison post death is creepy, especially as the butler is also very twisted.

2. The butler is a little *too* loyal to Fiona, as you see in 1971 just before she attempts to show the seven wonders, and has some serious mental issues.

3. Nan is very sweet and in a way innocent. I think her response about the council coming and it being "them" the way she presented it - happy and yet scared, was perfect given she called them.

4. Frances Conroy is a very interesting character this time - vengeful and trying to let NOTHING stop her from getting to Fiona. I also think this is the best outfit and makeup design she's had out of all three seasons, with the maid in the first one a close second. Sorry, she was excellent as the angel of death last year but they made her a bit too dark and I felt more dowdy than her maid role.

5. The council has three larger than life witches, and they're adorable in their frankness and yes, vengance.

6. You see quite clearly that the voodoo queen simply put hates whites, and you get a good backstory as to why. I have to admit - I see where she comes from in her hatred in the opening scenes of this one.

7. I felt the appearance of Frankenboy was a bit underused this week - even with him just disappearing into the Halloween crowd. I think they should've held off on that story line until it could be looked on more next week (as this one clearly focused more on Madison's death.

8. Why Madison is not the supreme makes sense.

9. I felt the scenes with LaLaurie were also nice because it was showing a maturity and growing on the character to humbleness and politeness. She surprised Fiona, but Queenie's response was interesting because it did touch upon a reverse racism of sorts. LaLaurie thanked Queenie for saving her life - almost at the cost of her own, and Queenie basically told her "why don't you still grow up" or something to that effect. It showed to me that people can learn from their mistakes and try to heal, while others - Queenie and the voodoo queen - sometimes will NOT let go of their hatred.

Will say though it was a nice set of scenes with Bates and Lange, then Bates and Gabourey.