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Thread: The Millers (CBS)

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    Re: The Millers (CBS)

    The way I see it as they underneath it all, they really do care for each other and that has surfaced just a bit in each episode. They just don't know how to communicate with each other and they all feel vulnerable, so they just act out their frustrations.

    I really hate mean-spirited humor, but I don't see that here. Just my opinion, though.
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    Re: The Millers (CBS)

    The second ep was terrible and I was ready to bail out but this last ep was great! There were two hilarious jokes in it that seemed like Cochran's style:

    One was the Arrested Development guy saying, in reference to his sister, "She has patience, she used to walk her turtle."

    The other was telling his mom & sister, about his dad, "I fixed him. And I didn't yell once. For the last two days the loudest thing in my apartment has been your outfit."

    I just wonder if he wrote those!
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