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Based on the fact they DO have a cross, we are going to probably see either Irene, Sam or Miljan die. I say this because in two cases - Irene and Miljan - there was an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the table. Sam's would be from the frostbite.

While I do think Miljan could have a moment of complete sanity and took the sleeping pills to off himself, I sadly don't think it was happen. I think Esther will have fallen into his blackmail and freed him because of whatever she pocketed, so he will kill Irene who he said they should "put down like a dog." The pills would also correlate to that thinking because of the narcotics, and how animals are sometimes euthanized that way.

Sam's would also be a legitimate one - his food is so frostbitten that blood poisoning could set in. But the water had to be extremely cold for it to have turned black that fast - which makes me wonder if it has anything to do with the Sci-Fi nature of the show. Either that or - ironically - that bracelet he found in a river. Could the person who owned it drowned in winter weather and lost the bracelet?

I will be sad if Irene or Sam dies... Miljan not as much. But - for Miljan the actor, that is a huge compliment because it shows he's playing this sinister side that well. Then again all three here are.