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Thread: Rectify On Netflix

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    Rectify On Netflix

    I didnt see a thread for this show, hope I didnt miss it. Has anyone watched this? There are 6 episodes on Netflix and that is the first season. About a guy who spent 20 years on death row, then dna evidence set him free to wait for another trial. He seems lost and damaged in the world of today, but has his family supporting him. The townspeople, hpwever, still think he is guilty.
    Good performances from the actors, compelling story and dialogue. I hated to see the 6 lone episodes go by so fast!
    Rectify Sundance Channel

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    Re: Rectify On Netflix

    Oh yes. This was one of my favorite new shows. I thought we had a thread on it, but maybe not.

    It's a different kind of show, that's for sure. I think the writing is rather amusing. I like the cast too.

    I'm not sure who really killed that girl. I'm not completely convinced he didn't do it. He seems kind enough though.

    I think the show was renewed for another season. I doubt they will ever reveal the actual killer, since the premise of the show would be destroyed.

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    Re: Rectify On Netflix

    I watched it and LOVED each and every episode. So glad it is coming back for a season 2.
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    Re: Rectify On Netflix

    I've started it. On episode 3 now.

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