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Thread: House of Cards

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    Re: House of Cards

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I thought I heard that this was the last season?
    Just found this article. November 3rd.

    'House of Cards' to Likely Write Out Kevin Spacey From Final Season | Hollywood Reporter

    This article was from October.

    'House of Cards' Ending With Sixth and Final Season at Netflix | Hollywood Reporter

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    Re: House of Cards

    The article I read last night - maybe from Variety - said that it was more likely that they'd kill off Frank than cancel the show outright. The character does die in the UK version. Plus, Robin Wright is definitely a strong enough actress to carry the show without him. I'd love to see Claire live in that world on her own, without Frank.

    All of the accounts of Spacey's behavior on set are really disappointing. I think we've ALL had jobs that we didn't enjoy or even that we dreaded going to, but that situation seems like a whole new level of bad. If it was that widespread, the showrunners couldn't have been ignorant to what was going on. I can't help thinking this would have been allowed to continue if Anthony Rapp and then the HOC crew members hadn't gone public
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