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Thread: The Americans (FX)

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    Re: The Americans (FX)

    Quote Originally Posted by LindaL100 View Post
    I have seen many people complain about this and yes it is possible for a slender woman to be able to overcome a man twice her size in combat, if she is as skilled a fighter as we are led to believe Elizabeth is, and she is suppose to be this highly skilled KGB agent who's had many years of extensive training and experience, so yes I can believe it, and I have seen it happen before in real-life too. Some people think combat is all about the size and brute force, but size actually is not as important in combat as some people may think, skills, speed, agility and strategy are all just as important in combat as the size and brute force. If a woman is a highly skilled fighter with agility and speed and quick thinking with good strategic skills then she can very well overpower a muscular man twice her size. Another advantage that smaller people have is that they tend to be able to move at faster speeds than larger people because of their smaller body mass, so that's another advantage Elizabeth has.
    Completely ridiculous that she could overpower and strangle to death a guy that is not only bigger than her but probably twice her size in weight. Forensic experts say that strangulation is one of the hardest ways to kill someone...it takes time and tremendous strength and endurance to strangle someone to death. Sorry...that was totally unbelievable that Elizabeth could have strangled that guy in a mere few minutes and walk away without any bruising or exhaustion. It would have been more believable if she had just stuck him in the neck with a poison pen.
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    Re: The Americans (FX)

    I have actually seen it happen before where women have been able to overpower men who were at least twice their size, yes, even strangulation, I attend karate and judo classes and there's a female student in my class who is a very skilled fighter, she's better than anyone else in the class and she can easily beat every male student in the class, and many of them are about twice her size and they're all quite masculine too. Once she was able to topple her male opponent to the ground in a surprise kick and then easily grabbed his neck in a chokehold, while using the weight of her entire body to weigh the guy down as she strangled him. She's very intelligent and fast and agile and is very quick-thinking, that's how she's able to easily overpower all her male opponents. If she just relied only on her strength, then of course she would probably struggle in hand to hand combat if she just uses her brute force. But her fighting style uses a combination of her strength, as well as her intellect, quick-thinking, agility and smart strategy, all of these aspects combined is what makes a real strong fighter. Some men might be masculine and have a lot of strength, but if they lack the speed, agility or strategic thinking, then they can easily be defeated by a smaller and smarter opponent. Many soldiers in the military, government agents and spies are trained in these sorts of highly strategic fighting styles and tactics, and for a highly skilled KGB agent like Elizabeth, it's not hard to believe that she was able to strangle that guy to death, it would've been one of the first fighting tactics she would've been taught in the KGB. Choking someone to death requires a lot of strength, but it can also be more easily achieved by certain strategic tactics, just straight up choking someone with your hands is very hard and yes it requires a lot of strength, but if you lock someone in a chokehold with your arm from behind and use the full force and strength of your weight, it's easier to choke someone to death that way, it's even easier if you take your opponent by surprise from the back. So there are different ways of strangling someone to death, and some tactics are easier than others. And in case you're wondering, yes I did choke someone once using this method, last year a sleazy thug tried to sexually assault me on the streets when I was walking home alone at night, he was tall and quite masculine, but thanks to my self-defense training, I was able to overpower him and locked him in a chokehold from the back, I didn't use a lot of strength because I didn't want to kill him of course, I just wanted to scare him. I warned him to stay the hell away from me, I let him go when he agreed to leave me alone and he ran away like a scared little puppy. But if I had used all my strength while I had him in that chokehold, he would've died.
    In karate and judo you are taught many sorts of different fighting moves and tactics, just imagine the sort of training and fighting skills that the military and a top government agency of spies like the KGB are teaching their soldiers and agents.
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