I wasn't sure if I should post this in the music section or in this section.. oh well, I'll post it here. I couldn't find a thread about it allready..

So did anyone watch? I watched and was wondering what everyone thought. Well, what I thought was...

Beyonce was the best of the night! Her and Jewel singing "Proud Mary" was the most entertaining of the night. And then Beyonce blew me away with her performance of "Dangerously In Love". That's the best I have ever heard her and it gave me chills. I saw her perform on Saturday Night Live, she wasn't this good! So she definately was the best on the show.

Queen Latifia was a funny host and creative.

Whitney Houston.. was... just horrid! She sounded like a sick duck singing. Sorry, but I could not stand her performances, she was so horse. Why was Bobby Brown singing? Expecially when he can't!

Lisa Marie Presley.. she just can't sing very well and is kind of dull.

Mary J Blidge was okay, she over sings the songs though, and falls flat a lot.

Ashanti, Jewel, and Chake Khan were all veerry good!

And Stevie Wonder's segment was very entertaining and nice to see them all do duets with him.

Overall.. The show was very entertaining and if you don't know of Beyonce yet and her real talent, watch this! VH1 will show it again and again and again.. just turn it on VH1 and it will be on sooner or later or check out your TV Guide.