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Thread: Favorite tv characters of all time

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    Favorite tv characters of all time

    The best shows we watch often have one character (or sometimes more than one character) who practically carries the whole show. You could replace the whole cast except for that character and still love it. Maybe there's something quirky about them, something unique to that character that you won't find in another character on other shows. Maybe their character is so intriguing, the more you see of them, you more you want to know about them.

    Tell us who you would pick as your favorite tv characters.

    My picks (in no particular order):

    Eli Stone and his therapist, Dr. Chen (from Eli Stone): I was just going to list Eli but the doctor was also a unique individual and added so much to the show. Honestly, the whole cast was great but those two really stood out.

    Sylar (from Heroes): Man, he had to be about the greatest tv villain ever!!! Spooky as heck, good-looking, intelligent, yet also surprisingly sensitive and tortured. It was because he was so human that we could identify with him and forgive the atrocities he committed.

    Monroe (Grimm): To be honest, I don't think I would have continued watching Grimm if it wasn't for my love of Monroe. It took me a long time to warm to the main character (Nick) and I'm still not thrilled about him but I warmed to Monroe right away. He provides much needed comic relief in a show that might be too intense without it. Plus he knows a lot about things that are new to Nick so he works as a source of information for Nick and the audience.

    David Hayward (All My Children): It's mostly the actor I love in this case. I loved Vincent Irizarry on Guiding Light long before he joined AMC. He brings so much to the characters he portrays and he became an invaluable addition to AMC when he joined it. I would have quit watching AMC long before it ended if it weren't for my interest in David. I couldn't wait to see what he would do next and how he would get out of whatever trouble he was in. I kept hoping things would straighten out for him and David would get people off his back and be happy so we could see more of his good side. Unfortunately, we never got to the point because the show got cancelled.

    Tim Gunn (Project Runway): Yeah, I know he's not portraying a character on a tv show, but I felt like I had to mention him. Project Runway would not be the same without him. He gives the designers perspective and support plus keeps us viewers entertained with his interesting vocabulary and catchphrases. He really makes the show work.

    That's all I have off the top of my head. I'll post more as I think of them.
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    This is fun!

    Nikita - La Femme Nikita - The REAL one, not the crap interloper on CW these days. She was smart and tough but kept her empathy despite the crap that she was put through. Plus, I think her unrequired romance with Michael was one of the best love stories on a TV show ever. I find this series still holds up today, even 10 years being off air. Definitely recommend - especially if you watch the current show and think it's good.

    Fox Mulder - X-Files. Insanely smart, driven and convicted. Not to mention handsome and witty.

    Walter - Fringe. He's an awesome character because John Noble is beyond talented and infuses what could be a caricature character with layers and subtelties

    Captain Kathryn Janeway - Star Trek: Voyager. The only female captain of a starship in the whole series. I often think I could write an entire management book based on her style. She knew when to be diplomatic and when to kick a$$. Never has the phrase "Ramming Speed!" been so effective!

    Dean Winchester - My TV boyfriend. Does what he has to do no matter what, loves 80s movies and hard arena rock and drives a kick-ass car - what else do you want? LOL
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Ron Swanson
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    Ben Stone, played by Michael Moriarty, on the original Law & Order. By a landslide.

    A few others I can think of off the top of my head - Tony Soprano/Sopranos, Dexter/Dexter, Gemma/Sons of Anarchy, and Claire/Six Feet Under. All from my all-time favorite TV shows.
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Oh man...fun! Thanks for posting this pikachu Hmmmm, so many.

    Veronica Mars for sure. A smart, sassy, independent, kick-ass and cute modern Nancy Drew. What's not to love?

    And on the other end of the spectrum, sadly, back in the day, Marsha Brady. I think it's because I was (well, am) an only child and I just wanted to be part of that big "perfect" family. Plus, my 8 year old self thought she was pretty and cool - Jan envy

    Sonny Corinthos - I know, you either love him or hate him...but I'm a sucker for a cute bad guy!

    Columbo - My favorite old school TV detective.

    Sherlock - the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch. My favorite "new school" TV detective.

    Luther - a close second in current detectives, also BBC. Definitely dark and flawed.

    Stewie from "Family Guy" - just because he is so hilariously inappropriate.

    I'm sure I've missed a bunch....
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    Ben Stone, played by Michael Moriarty, on the original Law & Order. By a landslide.

    A few others I can think of off the top of my head - Tony Soprano/Sopranos, Dexter/Dexter, Gemma/Sons of Anarchy, and Claire/Six Feet Under. All from my all-time favorite TV shows.
    Echo Ben Stone and throw in Briscoe.

    Buffy and Sydney from Alias - females who kick butt.
    And Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls - kicking butt intellectually.
    George Costanza from Seinfeld.

    Old school:
    Claire and Cliff Huxtable - my tv mom and dad.
    All the Golden Girls.
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Ben Linus - Lost

    Rumplestiltskin - Once Upon A Time

    Bree VanDeKamp - Desperate Housewives

    John Locke - Lost

    Gil Grissom - CSI
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    I have way too many favorites to even be fair about this, but here are a few:

    Archie and Edith Bunker
    Ben Linus and Sawyer (Lost)
    Jim Rockford (Rockford Files)
    Mal Reynolds and Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
    Richard Castle (Castle)
    Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)
    J. R. Ewing (the original Dallas)
    Columbo (Columbo)
    Pete Hutter (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
    Hawkeye Pierce (M.A.S.H.)
    Mozzie (White Collar)

    And that's just U.S. shows. I haven't even started on British shows.
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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Jack Bauer

    Olivia Dunham

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    Re: Favorite tv characters of all time

    Best Heroes:
    Jack Bauer - 24 (the ultimate real "super" hero)
    Raylan Givens - Justified (coolest guy on TV)
    Dean Winchester - Supernatural (super cute in looks and personality)

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