From Reuters

NBC's ratings-challenged cop drama "Boomtown" will be recycled on TNT in the summer.

Beginning Monday, the Peabody Award-winning series will air exclusively on the cable network Mondays at 10 p.m.; NBC will not repeat "Boomtown" during the summer. If its ratings are on par with the "Law & Order" reruns that aired previously in that time slot, TNT can elect to "repurpose" the second season of "Boomtown" as well, but four months after new episodes air.

The cable network will pay about $100,000 per episode for the second run of "Boomtown," according to sources familiar with the deal. While the sum may seem low for a primetime hour, NBC is hoping a second run on a cable network with a strong lineup of syndicated dramas could lure new viewers to the series, which was far from a shoo-in for another season on NBC because of its soft ratings.

"We can put this award-winning drama on in primetime exclusively for the summer and test-drive it with our drama fans and help them build it," said Steve Koonin, executive vp and chief operating officer of TNT and TBS.