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Sadly, I think its all about what they are wearing and very little to do with the movie.I love movies, always have.I love fashion, but I dont tune in to hear I am wearing Vera Wang and Harry Winston jewelry and blah blah shoes. Not anymore, I want to see who gets recognised for their body of work. I try and not tune into the insipid interviewers on the red carpet that fawn all over the spoiled , and all they ask is "what are you wearing.?"
TOTALLY agree with you Fanny Mare. I remember when the Red Carpet interviews WERE about show business, and not fashion. If I remember correctly, it was Joan Rivers (who worked the Red Carpet for years, and whom I love a lot!) who was the interviewer who started this whole trend of asking about the fashion. And I wish she hadn't, because that trend has taken off like a rocket, and now practically the only things discussed on the Red Carpet is what the star is wearing and how she/he looks in it.