Love this show, love it love it love it. But the season premiere was kind of lackluster for me. I hope they find more for Joan Cusack to do this season, because she was practically abandoned in the background in this episode. It will be hard since every character she's ever been involved with is gone except Frank.

Lip is washing out in college? I giess he was right when he told that testing guy that he just needed to get in the lab and start working as opposed to having to go through the whole college experience. Pity it doesn't usually happen that way...all the other kids' behavior seemed a little forced; they changed too much in the span of only a few months. And show us Ian!

I don't know if Jimmy is coming back or not, but I don't really see a reason for him to. Who knows...I loved the little twist in Steve & Veronica's story. I honestly didn't see that coming, lol. As for Frank, there really isn't much left for him to do except die. It's a strange development for one of the big stars of the show -- are they going to have an organ transplant story, or just a slow death arc for Frank? Either way, I hope they play it for the dark comedy and not sappy drama. The show is a dark comedy at heart.