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Thread: Once Upon A Time ABC

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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    ButterflyFaery - The old woman at the inn was Grandma from Red Riding Hood. The skank was Red Riding Hood. She put on a Red Scarf. I can't figure out the sheriff. I have to watch again.

    This is a great show! I don't know about it being a series though. May have been better as a movie. I can't see it going on for many years.

    I will definately be watching every week.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    Red Riding Hook a skank....oooooooooooohhhhh boy lmao thats a new twist for sure and we forgot rumplesticklstien who seems to be owner of the town or a crook by the way it looks...lol

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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    I loved this show! All I can say is that the writers have a great imagination and a sense of humor too. I am looking forward to the prgression of this story and to see what happened to our beloved fairytale characters.

    I also agree that this show does not seem to be destined to go for a long time. It will make a better program if they don't extend this forever. There are several shows this season that I feel the same way, Revenge and Ringer, which I think are excellent too.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyFaery View Post
    I was thinking almost this same thing..this is one of those shows and I know it sounds sad but it needs to have a beginning and a middle then an ending..I think they could make it 4-5 seasons but IMO after that dragging it on would ruin the entire story that really has started out so well and as someone upthread mentioned...it did make me feel...I felt so bad for her and so happy when I knew the baby got away.....only thing I didn't like is that short hair cut on Gennifer Goodwin...its too severe and not for her face type...she needs something softer
    I don't think there is anything wrong with having a planned tv series that has a beginning, middle and end especially if it intriques people. A TV series doesn't have to be open ended going on ad nauseum. Besides you have to consider the DVD sales for the box set and other revenue streams. It's not a bad idea and I think the networks might be willing to let it stay on that air and let it finish before it becomes too expensive and they chop it without allowing the writers to have a proper ending.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    I really enjoyed this last night. Will be interested to see if it can keep it up and keep it interesting. But based on last night, I am intriqued. Adding to BF's question, wasn't Mr. Gold, the guy who owns the town and was taking the money at the end - wasn't that Rumplestilskin? Also, I will be interested to understand the underlying why - why is Emma's biological son (Snow White's biological grandson, right?) now living with the Evil Queen/Mayor? That can't just be chance - so how did it happen? Does the Evil Queen know who she/he is? How does he seem to know the truth and others don't?

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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    The non-ageing thing was explained well - Frozen in Time. This creates a problem however.
    They repeatedly said the boy was 10, adopted by the Mayor as an infant & has spent his whole life in Storybrook.
    He obviously has aged or he would still be an infant. Doesn't anyone notice that he's the only one in town who's aging?????? Doesn't he notice????? Does he have different classmates every year because the other kids don't age?
    Is everyone in Storybrook a Fairytale character & doesn't age, or there other no-fairytale residents too. They would notice the non-ageing thing.

    This needs to be addressed!!!!! If for no other reason than to pacify nitpickers like me.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    I'm sure they will address the aging issue; they would have to. Henry was born in the real world (and his dad is probably human) which might explain why he is aging? Based on the preview I saw, there are going to be flashbacks to the fairytale world so I'm sure there will be flashbacks in the real world to show us how things ended up as they did.
    Mr Gold is Rumplestiltskin. I wouldn't be surprised if Regina/the adopted mom knew the truth as she, as the queen, was the one who set up the curse. Mr Gold seemed to twig at something when Emma said her name, and we know Rumplestiltskin knew her name, so he might remember or might have his memory jogged by the name.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    Maybe Henry has no friends because he's the only one who does age. If the rest of Storybrooke is under a spell, it would make sense they don't notice anything different about Henry. The fact that he ages and no one else does is probably what made Henry aware in the first place that something weird was going on. As to how the "Mayor" came to adopt him ? My guess is that she and Rumplestiltskin/Gold both know about the curse. Maybe there was some sort of deal there between the two. My biggest question is, did the Mayor realize who she was adopting and do it on purpose as a way of getting Emma to Storybrooke as a sort of pre-emptive strike? Or, was it the "counter-curse" setting the stage for the ultimate battle? It's possible the Mayor is totally unaware that there is a chance at breaking her spell....though I think maybe Gold knows. Either way, I will happily go along for this ride for as long they can keep it up As for the sheriff? Maybe he's the huntsman who was sent to kill Snow in the original story but couldn't? He seems to be pretty chummy with the Mayor....however, he's also pretty cute. Certainly cute enough to be a romantic interest for Emma
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    If the quality keeps up, this is going to be one of my keeper shows. It grasped me from the beginning -- not surprising since the writer were Lost writers. I'm sure they will explain many things as the series goes on, but this is fiction, and more to point, it is fantasy fiction. I have no problem with thing that seem impossible or implausible if I'm being told a good story.

    I didn't think Ginnifer Goodwin's short hair cut was at all flattering to her face either.

    I think we're going to see/hear from the Magic Mirror (aka Giancarlo Esposito) next week, and I'm looking forward to that. I haven't figure out who the sheriff is either, but it seems as if I should have an idea. Will have to watch it again. Could he be Red Riding Hood's woodman?

    I hope Grimm, starting this Friday, will be as appealing. Since it airs right after Chuck, I know I'll remember to give it a look.

    Edited to add that after thinking about the sheriff, I agree that he might be the huntsman who had been ordered to kill Snow, but couldn't do it. That would make sense she he was the Queen's employee and the sheriff would be the mayor's employee. And yes, he is very nice to look at.
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    Re: Once Upon A Time ABC

    I think the Mayor/Evil Queen knows what's going on. I assumed she was missing the old days when her mirror would talk back to her and that's why she was staring into it while holding the Once Upon A Time book.

    Good question about whether she knew who Henry was. My guess is she didn't, that it's the 'good' magic, helping Emma to find her way back to her parents and starting time back up again. But I bet that Henry is the only person aging and, thus, aware of everyone else staying the same.

    ETA - I just saw a video where they say that ALL of their memories are erased - so I was wrong. And I guess that means that Henry's adoption was the good magic...

    The fun thing about Rumplestiltskin (who I think also knows who he is) is that he changes his mind on a whim and while he might choose to be on the side of evil one minute, he could turn to good the next (or vice versa) - so I think we could start off the show one way and things could completely change and suddenly the Evil Queen and Snow White are on the same side, battling Rump. There're lots of ways the storyline could go over time.

    I think we're going to see Emma and E.Q. going toe to toe very soon. There was a commercial I saw during Grey's (see stills below) that showed Emma chopping down the E.Q.'s apple tree branches! When I first saw it, I thought it meant Emma = Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and that made a lot of sense to me (obviously now I know differently) but, regardless, the preview looked good.

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