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1/6/13 The Cricket Game
When Regina is accused of murder, everyone assumes the worst... except for Emma. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Snow and Charming must decide what to do with the Evil Queen once they've brought her to justice.
1/13/13 The Outsider
Gold conducts an experiment to see if he can find a way across the town border without losing his memory. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and David go house-hunting and Belle finds Hook in Storybrooke. In the fairytale world, Belle and Mulan meet for the first time as they try to stop a beast ravaging the land.
1/20/13 In the Name of the Brother
While Dr. Whale treats the outsider, the townspeople decide what to do with the man who may know Storybrooke's secret. Meanwhile, Cora meets with her daughter and Gold tries to meet with Belle. In another world, Victor tries to convince his father Alphonse that he can bring back the dead.
1/27/13 Tiny
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2/3/13 Manhattan
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2/10/13 The Queen is Dead
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