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Carrie tells Brody that she chooses him over the CIA. Quinn has chance to shoot Brodie, but refuses. He tells Estes that it's wrong to shoot Brodie now and he better not do it. Carrie loves him, etc.
Many gather for some event, not sure if funeral or salute for killing Nazir, but Carrie and Brodie go to his vehicle it explodes. They are horrified, but okay. (It's either the explosives in the wall of the Tailor shop or Brody's vest. Not sure.) Brody and Carrie flee and gather items to go into hiding. Last minute Carrie stays behind to clear Brody's name, since he has been implicated. Killed in the explosion are Estes, Finn and Walden's wife and hundreds more. Everyone thinks Brody and Carrie are dead too!

Saul is allowed to leave the room he was in and given a second chance with the CIA. No mole is revealed.

Before leaving Brody tells Mike he should be with Jess.

Dana confronts Brody about vest. He explains.

In the end Carrie surprises Saul who is relieved she is alive after all.