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Thread: Potential Season 3 Plot?

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    Potential Season 3 Plot?

    Ok....so the President is "infected" with some kind of virus.....could it be that there is an antidote out there, and there is, of course, only one man that would be able to get it for him???

    About the girl....I thought (and, of course I haven't seen it in a while) that the airplane girl died last season...I could be wrong, but this was NOT the same girl....The season one girl was much hotter..... I thought it was Kingsley's assistant too......but, wait! It could have been Nina in disguise...maybe she broke out of custody.... Or maybe it was Lynn, miraculously healed in record time....she disguised herself to get even for missing the last third of the season.....

    In another GREAT subplot, the mountain lion (or cougar...whatever) comes looking for Kim in the suburbs.....

    Kate gets amnesia and starts speaking with an Australian accent....

    If any of these pans out, just thinkwho fun Season 3 will be.....how many weeks 'til it starts??? 24???

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    i could see a "palmer has 24 hours to live" plot coming out of this. which id rather not see. its been done. but i know these writers are alot more creative than i am and by throwing Mandy in at the end to tie season one in with season two was pretty genious. --she is the airplane girl, no she didnt die, her partner did.

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    Oh yeah, Mandy! That was the girl who killed that photographer after having fun with him on the airplane toilet, in that ep in season 1. Great ideas you have, jeepsunday

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