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Thread: Mildred Pierce on HBO

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    Re: Mildred Pierce on HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    I, almost, totally enjoyed this. Where they lost me was with the long periods of her singing. Too much.....who was the voice double, I wonder? I had watched the original Mildred Pierce on TCM about a week earlier. Really different, but still very enjoyable for me.

    And had my daughter slapped me after I slapped her for being completely out of line........I Would Have Beat Her Down!!!! I was shocked at the zero reaction from her mother.
    Well, yes. Probably not the best in stories to tell. Eh, is my summation.

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    Re: Mildred Pierce on HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl View Post
    Guess I'm the only one who enjoyed it thoroughly.
    It held true to the book version whereas the movie version was a parody.
    In the book Mildred dresses `frumpy' thus the carry over to the mini series. Loved t and loved that it honored the book. The costuming was astonishing and the attention to period detail in all of the clothes is IMO, amazing. The camera work, the way it was shot through windows and doorways and from mirrors made me feel like Mildred, my life passing by, left on the outside looking in at my daughter, my obsession. Most of Mildred's money went to keeping Veda happy thus she skimped on her own physical appearence. She was cooking the books too, which allowed her to present a false face of prosperity, when in relaity she had no earthly business living in a mansion.
    Very chilling moment to me, when Mildred comes home climbs into bed with the young Veda and whiseprs `thank god' in reference to the younger daughters death (as in thank god it was the younger daughter and not Veda).
    Thought Evan Rachel Wood was deliciously serpitine, even her movements were slitheringly evil.

    Loved the voice over work for the singing-astonighing.
    Korean coloratura soprano Sumi Jo did the voiceovers for the character of Veda. She's amazing.
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