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Thread: FOX Announces Fall Lineup

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    so no AI in fall? Just the juniors show? That suprises me.

    Also I'm with LG, how are they going to make Joe Millionaire work again? It wasn't that good the first time. Uhg.

    I haven't read the descriptions of the "new" shows yet, but I hope there are some good ones.
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    I'm still upset that they threw away "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" Ugh.

    I also liked "Undeclared."

    Fox bugs me. I was not in the big group of 40 million that thought that Joe Millionaire was interesting. (boring guy, lame females, etc.)
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    Why did they move Wanda At Large to Fridays? Oh well, now I actually have a show I like to watch Friday nights.

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    FORT Fogey
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    The shows I like on Fridays always seem to get cancelled mid-season - "That Was Then," "Under One Roof," etc... I'll still watch Wanda at Large and Boston Public now though, because there's nothing else on on Fridays.

    Is that the same season of American Juniors that just started that will still be on in the Fall, or are they going to have a second season?

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