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Thread: The Walking Dead (AMC)

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    Re: The Walking Dead (AMC)

    Quote Originally Posted by beerbelly View Post
    Heath! I forgot his name.

    I think it jumped the shark when they offed Glen and Abe.
    I almost stopped watching after that, I should have. In particular Glen I will never be over. But now I'm so upset about a tigers death that I didn't even see.
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    Re: The Walking Dead (AMC)

    It's lost it's thread for me. At least the parts with Neagan were darkly funny. This just seems like a very bad Western. If only Tyreese were still around....
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    Re: The Walking Dead (AMC)

    I can take people being killed. But kill an animal-even when the animal is a CGI image(and I don't believe Shiva was anything but real) and I'm out.

    Also, remember when zombies were the real threat? That was fun! Now, they all just shuffle around in herds. They've become afterthoughts during these past two seasons.
    And Negan is still stuck in the trailer with Gabriel? Four episodes in?

    I hope Carol lives forever.

    But, I'm not sure I care anymore now that Shiva is dead.

    Ezekiel is in for a long night of reckoning regarding the persona he took on to give hope to people in such a bleak world. Is he thinking he's a fraud who selfishly led his people to their deaths? Who is he now that almost everyone from the Kingdom is dead? He dreamed up the Ezekiel persona. Is it gone for good?
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    Re: The Walking Dead (AMC)

    On TD, they talked about how much time has passed since we last saw Gabriel and Negan in the trailer. All the action of the last few episodes is happening at the same time, so no time has passed. It's the same thing they did with Nick and Glenn and the dumpster.

    I just muted the part with Shiva and didn't watch. It came at the very end of the episode, so that wasn't too tough. I knew it was coming eventually, but I wasn't sure when. I sort of hoped they'd change that plot point. I'm sure the people in charge of the budget were happy to not have to spend so much on CGI, but still. I'm gutted. What a horrible end to such a majestic creature.

    Every time I see a headline about a fan favorite dying, I worry that it's Carol. Forget Daryl. If Carol dies, I'm done.
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