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Thread: Hot in Cleveland

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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips;3937913;
    Nor do I. Still trying to figure out the appeal behind Big Bang Theory.
    Big Bang Theory I loooooove The two I could never get into were Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. No, everybody does not love Raymond! Ah well, that's why we have 500 channels to choose from (but still sometimes can't find anything to watch ). I'm glad to see that people generally liked the show. I'd like to see it stick around for awhile. I didn't realize it was filmed live, I don't think that happens too often anymore for that type of show. But the end product is really not that different from having a laugh track. You're still going to have plants in the audience that will laugh a little louder or start the crowd laughing - if not signs actually telling the studio audience when to laugh or applaud. I guess it's just the idea of "oh, I should be laughing here" or "gee, didn't anyone else think that was kinda funny" that bothers me a bit
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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    Thanks for the tip on The Big Bang Theory. I might give it a try. Title sounds odd though.

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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    Quote Originally Posted by momrek06;3938004;
    Does TVLAND come in HD ... ??? I watched it not in HD and the quality was awful esp for 2010.
    I was wondering the same thing; last night I was going to watch this show and couldn't find TVLand on my guide and I remembered having the channel a while ago. Then it dawned on me to check the non-digital channels and it was there only. They are going to have to convert to digital because the visual quality is just not there.

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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    I wonder if the problem with going to HD could be that much of their library consists of old shows that maybe haven't been remastered yet?
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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    I'm surprised that so many of you mentioned the picture quality.
    It looked fine to me.
    I enjoyed the show very much.
    I like every one of these actresses.
    And, I do think the addition of BW was a very good one.

    On another note, I was one who got to sample / critique Modern Family before it went on the air. I didn't much care for it.
    But, then, a lot of people - and critics - started raving about it, so I decided to check it out.
    I still really don't like it.
    Same for Big Bang Theory, which also seems to do well in the ratings.

    I hope this show sticks around. It's nice to see something with older actresses on it. Kind of gives us ladies of a certain age some hope.

    Cool. Looks like they drew record ratings last night.

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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    Being from Cleveland.. i HAD to watch! I love all the actors in it... so again, HAD to watch. I thought it was funny even if they didn't really punch home Cleveland in it. i still laughed.
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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    I love Big Bang Theory. It's the only current comedy I own on DVD. I enjoyed Hot In Cleveland and will continue to watch it. I think it's the very talented cast that makes it so entertaining. I like, but do not love Modern Family, and I could never get interested in 30 Rock, Community, or Glee. The original British version of The Office was much better than the current one for me, but I tend to prefer Britcoms to most American sitcoms of today.
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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    I did watch last night and I liked it. The studio audience laughter is not distracting. When I heard "laugh track" I thought it meant the fakety fake laughter like on M*A*S*H, which drove me crazy, even though I loved that show.

    I will say that, as with other original programming on cable, the commercial breaks are way too long. It's not as obvious with the hour dramas, but it's really obvious with a half-hour comedy.

    Of course Betty was hilarious. I liked the edge to her character. Apparently, she was only supposed to do a few episodes but now she's in all of them! Valerie Bertinelli is just as adorable and likable as she was when she was a teenager. I liked Jane Leeves and Wendy Malick too. They all look fabulous for their ages....or for ten years younger.

    I'll definitely keep watching
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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    Quote Originally Posted by Debb70;3938153;
    Thanks for the tip on The Big Bang Theory. I might give it a try. Title sounds odd though.
    The title refers to the science theory of the origin of the universe... (it all started with a big bang or explosion)... but is also a side reference to frustrated sex lives of the (male) geeks who are the stars... who will do a lot to even have a date, much less sex (the female geeks, due to the law of supply and demand, usually have no trouble getting dates or whatever else they want). However, although their limited sex lives are usually a running side joke at some point or other that's not usually the point of the episodes, which are more about relationships, between the guys or between the guys and their across the hall neighbor, Penny, a waitress/aspiring actress who at times has been involved with one of the geeks. The interplay between the characters and their further development is what makes it funny, with uber geek Sheldon, who was raised by a fundamentalist mother in Texas, being usually the funniest.
    But, to each their own! And back on topic, glad people seem to like HIC!

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    Re: Hot in Cleveland

    I watched the first episode. It wasn't the best. All of the funny parts came when Betty White was on the screen. I figured it would be pretty good given the cast list. I think I'll give it another shot though. They need more Betty White because she is definitely the comedic relief of the show.
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