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Thread: Persons Unknown

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    Re: Persons Unknown

    This show was a big disappointment to me. I stuck with it hoping that the final episodes would give me something, but I didn't find it. I love shows that don't spoon feed you answers, but there needs to be something there to find. For me, it was as if this show was trying to be Lost-like, but without the talent of the writing, acting, and the compelling characters. I wanted to care about these people, but I didn't.

    I think I'll stick with USA, FX, TNT, SyFy, and possibly AMC for my summer shows.
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    Re: Persons Unknown

    About half way thru the second to last episode it dawned on me that this show was pretty much Prison Break. From them all busting out of the town, to winding back up in the hotel again, even if it was a ship this time. Just like in Prison Break they broke out only to wind up in another jail. Big let down, nothing was answered for me.

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    Re: Persons Unknown

    If I hadn't been reading this forum, I would've thought I just missed one episode due to local programming. But, #11 was only shown on-line - WHAT!! (Same as Happy Town - the concluding episodes were shown on-line). This is ridiculous!! I don't want to watch it on-line (and wait for it to load, etc., etc.).

    I agree, it didn't answer any questions for me. We already knew about the corporation and the brain washing, etc. I wanted to know why these particularly people were chosen for the "experiment", what they hoped to accomplish by it, etc. etc. It reminded me more of the old 60's English TV show "The Prisoner", where all these people in a little town woke up with no memory of a previous life and were only known by their number. That series was redone recently, but wasn't shown here in Hawaii (as far as I know). Very unsatisfying conclusion.

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