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Thread: Lost - season six (final)

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks;3901039;
    MIB and mom (found ages later by Jack and Kate).
    Technically, it was mom and Bob.

    MIB/Smokey was resurrected when Bob died.

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    i was gonna type a long diatribe of my analysis of the eps, but i'll just touch on some key points

    ok, so yeah i know damon/carlton are trying to give us a basic background of certain things mainly Jacob/Bob and how they came to be on the island and the history of the feud or whatever you want to call it... before the eps aired they were saying we'll also find out about the island, the donkey wheel, and other mysteries.

    well they decided that the "answers" would be answered with answers needing other answers...

    * no time period established (any episode that i can remember has established the time, if not directly superimposing it on the screen, you could easily +/- 3 yrs, or 30 years, etc.)

    * LOST adds another nameless/backgroundless mystery character to assist in telling the backgrounds of other mysterious characters; I guess i'll call her "Bob-ra"

    * i felt there was an issue with the language; the fact that Jacob/Bob are probably like 1000 yrs old

    * probably just me, but i have always suspected they were brothers so i didn't feel like it was a big reveal

    * LOST as i suspected never wanted to establish a name for "Bob"; convenient that a the pregnant lady (of some spanish origin) gave birth to two white kids, naming the 1st Jacob then conviently gets murdered before she can give baby #2 a name

    * at some point while kids, Bob-ra takes them to an opening in the ground with a mysterious bright light; she mentions some mumbo jumbo about this is why they were on the island to protect the light (but we still don't know details of this light or really what the island is

    * fast forward when Jacob/Bob are grown men; Jacob is a wussy mamas boy and Bob is living amongst his people who he says are bad people but they have discovered things about the island and he tells Jacob he may have found away to get off...Jacob later relays this to mom

    * one of the stupidest things i heard was when moms visited Bob; he tells her about his plans to leave and that he's found the mysterious light and then he proceeds to say some mumbo-jumbo like " i'm gonna make the hole bigger, attach the wheel with their system and some water blah blah and then i can leave " THIS is the explantion for the time traveling island moving, tunisia teleportation donkey wheel ??? wow

    * here's the thing, miss mystery noname "Bob-ra" apparently can take out a village and cover up the wells by herself... is she a smoke monster or a witch? I was thinking she was a witch, she said some kind of spell/incantation when she gave Jacob the wine to drink. and why did she say thank you to Bob when he stabbed her?

    * LOST did manage to establish that Bob wasn't bad, he did kill Bob-ra and all but all he ever wanted to do was find out where he was from. Jacob beat him up a few times and killed him. And being stuck on the island as smoke for a long period of time you can understand why he's angry.

    * will this whole light in the ground thing be revisted????

    * the Adam/Eve thing was just another stupid attempt at connecting old trivial stuff to make people think that this was all planned, lol when in doubt always refer to WALT

    * I think LOST has totally ruined Jacob and Richards charcters this season, they turning out pretty lame
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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    I think "Mom" was a (or the) smoke monster as well. That would explain how she destroyed the village and filled in the well. Bob killed her by stabbing her through the heart before she could talk to him (I think someone explained that was how to kill a smoke monster in an earlier episode). She thanked Bob before she died.
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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    I still want to know what time frame they were in last night. Judging from the clothing and crude tools, I would guess they were in Biblical times.

    And what language were they speaking at the beginning of the epi? Was Bob-ra (thanks, Dogg) speaking Latin? and Jacob/MIB's mom speaking Spanish?

    Who knows what that incantation over the wine was?

    When Bob-ra said that going into the light in the cave was worse than death, it made me think that must be Hell.

    I think she thanked Bob for killing her because that was the only way she could die. But why?

    Why all of it?
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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexxxx;3901146;
    I still want to know what time frame they were in last night. Judging from the clothing and crude tools, I would guess they were in Biblical times.
    Long before Black Rock (was that 19th century?) Recently enough for serious sea travel. How sophisticated were the shipwreck remains on the beach (if I recall seeing something)?

    Did the fertility curse apply to "mom" and that is why she had to steal the two boys? Or was it something she recognized about them?

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks;3901172;
    Long before Black Rock (was that 19th century?) Recently enough for serious sea travel. How sophisticated were the shipwreck remains on the beach (if I recall seeing something)?

    Did the fertility curse apply to "mom" and that is why she had to steal the two boys? Or was it something she recognized about them?
    I think Mommy MIB knew that something would happen to Claudia, otherwise she would have not killed her. Either that or she was foretold of the events to come and knew that she would have to kill a woman who gives birth to twins. I think that would explain the surprised look on her face when she realizes that there is a second baby coming.

    I do think that this was a little bit weaker episode if you stand it alone from everything else. I hope, I hope, I hope that this is just part of the foundation for the ending. Maybe we will all be here in 3 weeks going, "Oohhhhhhhhhh!"

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    OK, here are my random thoughts on last night.

    While I didn't think it was a great episode, It still wasn't the worst, that honor goes to the Jack Tattoo/Bai Ling episode.

    I think the mom was also a smoke monster. I don't think she could have killed all the people by herself.

    I didn't need the scene at the end showing Jack & Kate finding Adam & Eve to link the 2 stories together. Duh! I saw where that was going as soon as they were dead. It's bothering me that they put it in there, when they do other stuff & don't flashback like that. Time filler?

    As for the latin/spanish at the begining, I was just wondering if it was like a Hunt for Red October thing, where they were subtitled & speaking in another language, but then started speaking in english, just so that you wouldn't have to sit through a subtitled episode.

    Did Jacob stop aging once he drank the wine (literally & figuratively)?

    Thinking out loud, I guess it makes sense that Jacob killed his bro & then sent him into the lighted creek & he came out the smoke monster. As the smoke monster, he has to take over the body of a dead person, so he takes MIB's body. As the smoke monster do you get to keep the memories of everyone that you've ever been & you can distinguish between them? Seems so, since he's Locke now, but remembers that he had a crazy mother.

    Were Jacob & MIB chosen to take over since they were born on the island? That's gotta have some significance since no one else since Aaron has been born on the island. But then why would you have off-island candidates?

    MRD, I read on entertainment weekly's website & most people feel the same there.
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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN;3901044;
    I didn't think it was a waste at all.

    Jacob and MIB's back story had to be presented. My only problem is that they crammed so much into one episode.

    I felt last week's episode could have been stretched into two shows to create more depth and drama. Addressing the origins of the island, Jacob, MIB, etc. deserves much more than one hour.

    I mean, who were these people Bob met that started digging holes and building wheels as a means to somehow leave the island? Important also because Jacob is a decendant.

    Where did their crazy mom come from?

    I'm going to assume that the Mom that kidnapped Jacob & Bob at birth wasn't human. Is it then plausible that Bob was able to kill her because he didn't let her speak to him (at least after, oh, 20 years)?

    Now I'm wondering who is left that can kill Smokey. My wild hunch is that
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Walt will return to the island and use the knife throwing skills he learned from Locke
    I have to admit, before last night I haven't watched this show in years. But last night's show actually hooked me (I wanted to see the end since I saw the beginning - now I just have to see all the middle)!!!

    But, on the bolded part - my interpretation was that once she "passed the torch" on to Jacob and had him drink whatever he drank, she was no longer immortal/no longer invincible. I think once she did that, she was ready to leave and die, so she was actually happy when Bob found her so quickly.

    What I don't get is the whole thing with regard to what the heck happened to Bob? Bob-ra (like that term) kept saying over and over that she made it so that they couldn't leave the island and they couldn't kill each other/die/leave each other (I honestly can't remember what the words were - but the idea was that they can't die). So then what is Bob? What did Jacob do to him? I get that his body is Adam - but he is not really dead, correct?

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    re:"Across the Sea"

    It seems that all season the writers have been trying to portray Jacob as "good" and the MIB as "bad." But last night neither of them was pure good or pure evil. The MIB loved Jacob, Jacob loved their mother, and their mother loved MIB. Pure evil doesn't love, does it? In fact, I kept feeling sympathy for MIB. What is so evil about wanting to get off the island? And until his mother killed everyone in his tribe, we never see him harming anyone. Jacob tried to beat the @#*^! out of him twice, but the MIB didn't hit him back.

    That light stuff in that cave better be worth the last 6 years. And it would be nice to have some definites on what it is and what the man in black actually is. Did going into the cave make him "worse than dead"?

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    Re: Lost - season six (final)

    I thought they were speaking Latin and Claudia is a latin name (I know that because it's my name and the meaning of it in latin is "one who is lame"). So I kind of felt that she was probably Roman and the ship and those people that apparabntly ship wrecked with her were Roman. Her style of dress confirms that as well. And the Roman empire was always expanding and looking to expand to obtain more wealth and territory. So I put the time frame at some point during the Roman empire.
    And I also thought that "mom" wanted to die and that's why she thanked Bob, because she couldn't do it herself, much like Richard.

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