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Thread: Modern Family

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    Re: Modern Family

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;3710407;
    I enjoyed it a lot. It reminds me of a another show that was on a couple of years ago about a large family always bickering. There was a little girl, kind of like an Ugly Betty character, and my mind has gone blank on the actors. I liked that show a lot too but it got canceled so I hope this one is given a chance.

    I love seeing Ed O'Neill again and he plays politically incorrect parts so well - "Lily? Won't that be hard for her to pronounce?" and calling her a little potsticker . It's nice to see so many actors bounce back into other roles.

    I don't see Cougar Town lasting though. I love Courtney Cox but that ones going to be a tough sell week after week.
    I adored Modern Family, though I am concerned it has the same audience as Glee and they are on at the same time (glad my DVR is a dual record!). I totally agree about Cougartown. I love CC and I am so this demographic, it just wasn't very funny to me and it was way too repetitive! The son, the young friend, the old friend, the ex, the oboxious neighbor ALL had the same scene multiple times... yawn...

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    Re: Modern Family

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;3710407;
    I don't see Cougar Town lasting though. I love Courtney Cox but that ones going to be a tough sell week after week.
    I accidentally gave it a partial try, but 2 lines were totally over the top, and I shuddered and clicked.

    I'm not even sure if I can post one of the lines here, and the other I have already forgotten. It was bad enough that I lost all respect for the actor; I would have refused to speak that line.

    They were very offensive, and I'm not a prude. It wasn't just a timeslot issue.

    The reason this is not off-topic is that it was a dysfunctional family thing, which is done well on this show (MF), so far.

    But then I am often amazed at the dialogue on primetime non-cable shows.
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    Re: Modern Family

    you can watch it on the abc website - i just did. absolutley hilarious!!!! will def be setting my dvr for this.

    the lion king thing made me lol too!

    Quote Originally Posted by VelvetRed;3710084;
    Good catch! She confirmed that on The View.

    The only reason that I checked this show out is because of her (LOST). I am very finicky about comedy shows (Seinfeld fan), and this one seems to be right up my alley.

    I wish I had recorded it, because I couldn't watch with full attention (maybe it will be repeated?).

    Can you fill me in? If Julie's character is the daughter, then she must be the sister of the redheaded son?

    The actor playing Ed O'Neill's wife is excellent.

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    Re: Modern Family

    According to Ausiello:
    "This just in: Modern Family’s a hit! The funniest new comedy of the fall attracted 12.7 million viewers in its debut last night. Cougar Town also performed strongly, drawing 11.4 million viewers. Both finished second to the season premiere of Criminal Minds (roughly 15.5 million). Among adults 18-49, Modern Family finished first in its time-slot while Cougar Town tied Minds. Other Wednesday highlights include CSI: NY (14.5 million), Eastwick (8.4 million) Mercy (8.2 million), Old Christine (7.6 million), Glee (6.5 million), and The Jay Leno Show (6.4 million). The CW’s Beautiful Life, meanwhile, sunk to less than 1 million viewers. I believe it’s time to stick a fork in that thing."
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    Re: Modern Family

    This was the funniest new show I've seen in a LONG time. LOVED IT!!! Already have my DVR set for all episodes. I've been spreading the word to everyone I know that this show was hysterical

    Personally I find these humane mouse traps rather ineffective. Better to lay down some glue and when you hear the critter scream you take a shovel to his head.

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    Re: Modern Family

    I'm not sure what everyone sees in this show. I watched it last night and I HATED IT!! I kept watching...waiting for it to get good...and IMO it never did. Oh well, that's why they put so many shows on..so people can choose. I choose to not watch this show ever again.

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    Re: Modern Family

    Once again, just like Eastwick, the network over-promoted this show. Another show I really looked forward to, but I was dissapointed that I had already seen the whole thing in promos. There just didn't seem to be any new content.
    I did like it & will watch it again next week. Hopefully seeing new content will make me like it as much as I expected to.

    The networks need to stop doing this. Both shows were a letdown to me, simply because of this fact.
    We need teasers, not the storyline & all the good one-liners given ahead of time.
    I love my spoilers & look forward to see them acted out, but I don't want to see a condensed version of the entire show in 30sec clips.
    "Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get."

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    Re: Modern Family

    I didn't think this show as too bad. I hadn't seen most of it via previews so it was a new episode to me. I hope they continue to re-air it on the weekend so that I can watch something new when I'm not out. I like the characters on this show. The dad of the three kids cracks me up.

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    Re: Modern Family

    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp;3710002;
    I thought this was absolutely hilarious! When he did the lion king bit I literally burst out laughing. I hope it can stay the course with the wittiness.
    lol me too

    I absolutely loved this, but I think it's on the same time as one of my other shows, either Flashforward or Glee or something, it repeats on fridays though.

    I adored this in fact, I REALLY want it to succeed.
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    Re: Modern Family

    This show made me laugh out loud regularly. Ed O'Neil was terrific as were the gay couple. I will definitely watch again.
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