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Thread: The Vampire Diaries - CW

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    Re: The Vampire Diaries - CW

    I wasn't happy to see Tyler either. He doesn't bring anything to the show. I like The Originals mainly because I get to see a lot of Elijah I think Caroline and Klaus have great chemistry and I want to see more of the two of them!

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    Re: The Vampire Diaries - CW

    I LOVE Elijah! He's pretty much why I watch TO as well.

    I sort of feel like they've been forcing that connection between Caroline and Tyler, which would be bad enough, but the fact that her chemistry with Klaus is right there and SO much better than her chemistry with Tyler makes it even worse.

    I'm kind of sick of Catherine on this show. Kill her already. UGH.
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    Re: The Vampire Diaries - CW

    my daughter got me to watch the first 5 episodes of VD yesterday since we were snowed in. Going to take a little while to read all this and catch up but I am liking it.

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    Re: The Vampire Diaries - CW

    Anyone watching the current season? I'm not that into it, especially since she doesn't remember her love for Damen. When are Caroline and Stephen going to hook up? It's clearly going to happen...

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    Re: The Vampire Diaries - CW

    I'm tired of Bonnie sacrificing herself for everyone! Like so over it!

    This season is okay, but quite a few parts have me scratching my head...
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