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Thread: The Good Wife

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    Re: The Good Wife

    Prhoshay, Chris Noth was also on Law and Order (and briefly L&O CI) as Det. Logan. He was on during the best of the original L&O years IMO...especially when partnered with Jerry Orbach as Lennie Briscoe
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    Wind Dancer

    Re: The Good Wife

    I had seen him on Law and Order but had never seen SATC until our local re-run station ran SATC. Then I got hooked on the show--on the writing in particualr.

    And on seeing Chris often.

    And now the tv channel has stopped showing it and has stopped rerunning the Law and Order Criminal Intent with Chris!

    No wonder I am feeling so Noth-deprived!

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    Re: The Good Wife

    I really enjoyed this show. Am just hoping they show more of Chris Noth and Christine Baranski - 2 great actors.
    I've never been a big Julianna fan, but I did enjoy her a lot here.
    THis show will definitely be one of my favorites this season.
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    Re: The Good Wife

    It got panned by our local paper....

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    Re: The Good Wife

    I really hadn't planned on watching this. A show about a scandalized politician & his wife just didn't appeal to me. We get way to much of that stuff in real life. I sure didn't want to watch it as entertainment. The whole concept kind of disgusts me a little.
    However, the TV was already on & it came on, so I watched it.
    I liked it much better than I thought I would. I liked the main character a lot. She seemed humanly vulnerable & strong, rather than phoney. The legal story was interesting too. The acting all around was good & convincing.
    I'll be watching again.
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    Re: The Good Wife

    For some reason, I got the impression that Julianna's sidekick (the investigator) who used to work for her incarcerated husband, is gay. I can't put my finger on why. I like how supportive of Julianna she became. I also liked how the male attorney called out Julianna's "mentor" (Christine Baranski) for getting annoyed because Julianna was able to break the case by going down a totally different road, thus making her "mentor" look incompetent. She's not making any friends with that move! Loved it!!!
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    Re: The Good Wife

    I flipped back and forth between this and DWTS (early prime time on CBS = they're on opposite each other ) and ended up missing quite a bit of DWTS as a result. I love Julianna and I thought she did a great job. Chris Noth was perfectly sleazy and delusional.

    Nice to see David Paymer as the judge and whatshisface from Gilmore Girls as the other potential associate. I didn't recognize his face since they have his hair so different - it was his voice I recognized. Christine Baransky was great as the "mentor" to Julianna's character.

    Yes, it's pretty formulaic, but I thought it was very well done. I hope it does well. It certainly has less competition, since it's on at 10:00 in most markets and only ABC has programming on at 10:00 that isn't news or Jay Leno.
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    Re: The Good Wife

    it wasn't what I expected and that made me like it more. I enjoyed Canterbury's Law with Juliana (all 5 minutes of it!!) so I was glad to see her back in a legal role. I didn't expect it to begin 6 months after his arrest. Definitely enjoyed it but as others have stated, I hate to fall for new shows because they always can them (dirty sexy money, lipstick jungle, windfall, injustice, conviction....see what I mean?). I hope it sticks around.

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    Re: The Good Wife

    I liked the show and think it has good potential, but as someone else stated, I'm afraid to get too attached to any of these new shows too soon as the networks have the habit of prematurely pulling the rug out from underneath us viewers just as we're getting hooked on a show...like Swingtown as was mentioned. I'm still lamenting the cancellation of Lipstick Jungle too...

    And though I'm thrilled to see Chris Noth starring in a weekly show, I'm going to have to get past thinking of him as Big and picturing him with Carrie...lol
    "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling"

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    Re: The Good Wife

    I convinced my hubby to watch it with me and he thinks it is going to turn into an alpha she show and bash men

    he didn't like it

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