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Thread: Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime

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    Re: Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime

    I finally got to see the finale, and it was just as "meh" as people said it was. I did think that the song and montage at the end was sweet, but otherwise it was a bomb.
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    Re: Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime

    I have just finished watching all 6 seasons on Xfinity over the last two weeks since I had some rare couch potato time (had foot surgery). I really loved this show starting out but as they tried to save money after season three it went downhill. It was much better when Parker was on the show and had a fuller cast of periphial characters. I found Parker's shallowness deliciously outrageous that added comic relief to the show. His chemistry and friction with Kim was fantastic. The scenario with the unrealistic love interest and son that inspires Parker to give up everything was too much of a stretch. That ticked me off and also that the angel Fred kept leaving and coming back. I liked the second angel, Luke, but the last one, Paul, was a total waste of time and was clearly added because of the dwindling male eye candy on the show. He didn't seem to have any function on the show and certainly didn't keep anyone from harm. Stupid guardian angels on the make was confusing so what was he supposed to be anyway? The writer really lost his way on this show and in desperation turned to the typical "message-y" social issue bombardment that so many of these shows turn to as they are circling the drain. The convoluted and controversial lawyering to get their way in social policy is what made them so unlikable. It overshadowed the characters and story of the show in the end. I feel they wasted the talents of the cast after season three and season 5/6 were awful. Then the episodes on sperm banks. The women in this show treated the unborn as if they were the latest BMW accessory. Am I the only one that sees this as human trafficking? Donors can father up to 20 children each? How sick has our society become? The diminishing of the role of father seems to be their favorite theme. Do male writers really hate other men so much? They consistantly write them out of society and portray them as optional. I was disappointed that this show took such a drastic point of view on every current issue. I loved the first two seasons when they stuck to the story of the office conflicts and stayed out of controversial issues. They allowed the characters to appear to have some decency and common sense. But then it just became a venue for propagandizing their personal politics on social issues and was a turn off. No one likes to be preached to on every single episode for three seasons. What a shame and waste. It started out so great and ended so disappointingly. I hope the cast will go on to find other roles since they had a wonderful group of talented people on this show and I'd like to see them again.
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