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Thread: The Philanthropist

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    Re: The Philanthropist

    I hope they don't continue to tell each episode in retrospect. It's annoying.. and will he have to save a child in every storyline?
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    Re: The Philanthropist

    I've been able to watch this almost every week-and I like the idea of his going to parts of the world we don't often hear about.
    I also like that we learn --through--the stories--something about the people.eventds in those parts of tghe world.

    On Monday past the story took place in Kosovo and I wodnered about tghe suppsoed factual info they rpesented. it sounded too dramatic and as though theyd heightened everything to make it inot a "good story." Especially the aspect of "paramilitary forces' " involvement in the recent events in teh country.

    Well--coincidentally I saw a documentary on Kosovo the other night which included a lot of the history of that area/country--and I was surprised to find that "The Philanthropist" writers had NOT exagerated the story of Kosovo--but that they had in fact toned things down.

    I will still check on their facts but I will now tend to believe more of the current events/history they put into their stories.

    I personally like stories where I can also learn something.

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