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Thread: Merlin

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    Re: Merlin

    I'm still chewing over the Alien intervention. The writers must be up on the current speculations or have watched Alien series on the Discovery Channel. Supposedly they brought knowledge with them to Egypt and Middle America so the writers tapped into that as at the "later" age where Merlin is set (and on a different continent) it could be that a group was chased there...not likely...and killed off so that only one remains, eternal.

    That it said Arthur's Bane is himself will play out now that he has (though an act of benevolence) knighted Mordred - the Druid prophesied to kill him. I wonder, though, if Merlin will seek the Alien out again for other knowledge?
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    Re: Merlin

    Image-wise, maybe. But there's been many legends over time of a pre-human race that held special knowledge and that was pushed out as the "children of men" took over the earth.

    I don't know if the series ends with Arthur's dying but I hope they show more of Camelot flourishing before that time. It seems all we've seen over the series is strife and turmoil and not much of the majestic realm that was the legendary Camelot.
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    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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