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Thread: Dixie Chicks' Naked Cover

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    Dixie Chicks' Naked Cover

    As the proud possessor of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, I have scrutinized the cover that features the naked and graffiti'd nude bodies of the "Chicks."

    I am highly dubious that this cover shot is not doctored because I can see very clearly "lines of demarcation" which could mean the faces were fused to different bodies or some major airbrushing and exacto knifing took place. Natalie Maines is not exactly as svelte as she looks here.

    My beef with all of this is, what sort of statement are they making anyway? That they are the bold and the brave and the misunderstood? I'm not buying it.

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    That cover was foolish of them, they should've kept quiet and let this thing go away. Instead, they're trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

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    They are trying to get back from Natalie Maines' big flop in England.... I think this is just making it worse for themselves...

    I'm an avid country music fan & I know a lot of people are boicotting their concerts & burnings their dixie chicks cds, and I think if the DC knew what was best for themselves, they would just lie low for awhile .... This is just making it so much worse ...

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