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Thread: OH boy new show? J-LO

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    OH boy new show? J-LO

    from MSN.

    Behind the Behind
    Is J.Lo really Jenny From the Block? Plus, Anna Nicole's alleged addiction

    by BeatBoxBetty

    Say it isn't so! Just after we've settled our stomachs over all those "revealing" Michael Jackson TV specials, now the focus has flipped towards Ms. Lopez. Yep, the rumor mill is churning with talk of a shocking new TV documentary set to reveal that J.Lo isn't really Jenny From The Block after all.

    PeopleNews.com is claiming that the aptly named "Behind The Behind" is actually an investigation into the singer's childhood, which apparently was far from the "tough street" existence she's said she had in the Bronx. Claims are being made that Lopez actually came from a posh suburb where she was lucky enough to have a private education. "She's another Hollywood star who's forgotten where she comes from," says family pal Henry Palayo. "She's very artificial -- more artificial than a plastic nose." Ouch! No word yet on where or when "Behind the Behind" will air, but methinks it will be a ratings doozy.
    I do not think I could watch this without

    like I ever thought she was "from the block"


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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    The funny thing is, the video to 'Jenny from the Block' is a whole contradiction to the lyrics of the song. You're not the same girl you always were, airhead!

    I'll be watching! I love me some trash TV. Particularily when it rips one of my most-hated celebrities.
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    Same here Miss F.!

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    Will don't have any fun. madbanana's Avatar
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    how do you do the throw up face???
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    I hope the show points out that she is also a no talent loser who basically "marketed" herself to all her dimwit fans.

    Anyone that believes she has talent should probably do the planet a favor and spay or neuter themselves.

    I apologize if I am a little harsh today. Survivor Jenna and the like really have my undies in a bundle.
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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi

    I'll be watching! I love me some trash TV.

    Love ya, Miss F! I've noticed that we are almost always on the same page, and this one is no exception. Great minds think oh-so-fabulously alike!
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