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Thread: Flash Florward - ABC Fall 2009

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    Flash Florward - ABC Fall 2009

    ABC is really promoting this one and I'm hoping it lives up to expectations.

    Flash Forward - About - ABC.com
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    Re: Flash Florward - ABC Fall 2009

    Well, they've clearly changed one important factor...in the book it's a flash from more like 20 YEARS ahead, not 6 months. I'm surprised they picked 6 months...that seems to really limit the show.
    I just finished the book--in the book the person "watching" from the past was just that, a watcher--couldn't control their future self, who was totally unaware of the person from the past--so the watcher only saw what the future person was doing at the time, which might be almost nothing.
    Interesting variables from the book, that I doubt are spoilers... some people saw nothing, implying they are dead in 6 mo. Some people were asleep and just saw dreams (in fact 1/3 of the world was alseep more or less, giving a huge advantage to the awake world as they saw many "inventions", etc. which they could then try to create). Some people were alone but others were with other people who could confirm their dreams. And because it was 20 years you could see things like your kids you hadn't had yet grown up and how they turned out (lots of wills were remade!), whether you were still married to the same person, how you'd aged, if you happened to look in a mirror, and what stocks to buy if you happened to be reading the paper. Insurance companies went bust, as they are based on a gamble. The separatists in Quebec basically gave up as Quebec was clearly still part of Canada. Etc. All interesting stuff to think about. Practically none of this except maybe a few bets on the market and sports is going to happen with a 6 month leap forward.
    And what happens after the first season? Now the 6 months have passed. A weird change... why not 5 years?
    In the book a big issue was whether what you'd seen was immutable--I won't tell you what the book said, and who knows if the show will do the same. But in the book one main character has been murdered just before the day people see, so some folks are reading about his death in the paper during the leap and call him to tell him--he spends a lot of the book trying to figure out who's going to kill him and why, and trying to prevent it.

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