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Thread: Trailer Park Boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    I missed it last night. I caught the last few minutes where Ricky kicked the crap out of Cyrus.

    It's a good show, not for everyone, but it's a lot of fun.
    I would guess that this show is NOT looking to break some stereotypes.

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    It was Randy, actually...but yeah, that was hysterical...if the pants come off, you better watch out

    The opening scene was hilarious - Julian was wrapped in a blanket and was trying to get into Bubbles' shed, and Bubbles thought he was seeing a "Sam-scatch" (Sasquatch) because Julian's hand was wrapped in a furry blanket, so he called Ricky who ran out with a baseball bat -then he and Bubbles started whaling on Julian with aluminum bats (Julian was still wrapped in a blanket) and Julian grabbed Bubbles' bat and starting beating Ricky & Bubbles up with it...which is why they had all those duct-tape slings and bandages, and black eyes

    ETA: It plays much funnier than it reads, honest
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    I have'nt seen it bur I love the name of the show

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    Thanks for bumping this thread Jane! I didn't know we had one.

    I love this show, but hate that the seasons are so short. Only 6 or 7 episodes each. They just finished airing season 4.

    I love how Ricky makes up his own words, and was so proud when he graduated grade 10. And how Julian wears a black T-shirt in every episode and is never caught without a Rum & Coke in his hand. And Bubbles, dear sweet Bubbles.

    The show has a very low budget, and they blur out every name-brand or logo. Once they even blurred out someone's cat.

    One of my favorite episodes was when J-Roc stopped acting black, and the guys caught him, ahem, "pulling his goalie". Jonathan Torrens, who plays J-Roc, can currently be seen in Joe Schmo 2. And he has apparently been taken on as one of the writers for season 5 of Trailer Park Boys.

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    I've seen previews for the show on BBC America, but it's on Thursday's which isn't the most convenient time for me. Anyone know if it's on other than that?

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    In a van down by the river!!!... watching the Canucks on my 3" TV
    this is the single greatest comedy show on TV right now!!

    I just wish the seasons were longer...

    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots

    One of my favorite episodes was when J-Roc stopped acting black, and the guys caught him, ahem, "pulling his goalie"..

    that episode was GOLD..

    my favorite one is the one where Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson..

    "I didn't kidnap him, I just borrowed him to play a little show."

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    For all those American that are missing out on the comic genus that is the Trailer Park Boys. Look for it on DVD or over the Internet on whatever client that you download from.

    The first 2 or 3 seasons are already available on DVD. The funniest of all is the movie that was made before the series was ever put on T.V. Try and find that. I don't think it is on the DVDs. If you want to try it out it see if you like it watch "A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty" or "F*** Community College, Let's Get Drunk And Eat Chicken Fingers."

    Just a warning this show is not for people that are easily offended. The content only meant for an adult audience.
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    Did anyone catch tonight's episode? Bubbles named the mountain lion 'Steve French'. I have no idea why it was so hilarious, but every time they referred to the mountain lion as Steve French, I laughed like crazy.
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    I bet Steve French is someone they know in real life. You know, giving a shout-out to a buddy. But it was funny how they always used the full name, rather than just "Steve".

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    Did you see the conky one ? Hysterical. Where did you hide Conky? I don't bleep know. I was Bleep bleep drunk. Then whn tey find him, Ricky keeps trying to kill him like he's a real person.

    I love this show. I want to do all the things Julian does without spiiling a drop. It cracked me up when they RITA MCNEILL harvesting the dope. How cool was that? I think I love Randy best of all. " I'M never wearing a shirt again."

    I can't wait to see what the Trailer Park looks like after Corey and Trevor have owned it for the duration of the boys most recent incarceration.

    The Samsquatch ep cracked me up too. Like why would anyone all of a sudden start beating the crap out of someone with a baseball bat. I loved the Alex Lifeson one too.
    The BBC America ones are bleeped though. I don't get that

    The whole show will be "bleep bleep bleep bleep, Ricky said Bleep bleep bleep. Then I bleep bleep bleep. When Lahey Bleep Bleep gets here bleep bleep bleep."

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