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Thread: Glee

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    re: GLEE

    I know this might be a little early, but since next week IS the finale, what do you guys wanna see next season? Myself... I wanna see more Sandy, more Howard, and, possibly, the return of one thumbed Henri.

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    re: GLEE

    Quote Originally Posted by Twiddler;3921443;
    I know this might be a little early, but since next week IS the finale, what do you guys wanna see next season? Myself... I wanna see more Sandy, more Howard, and, possibly, the return of one thumbed Henri.
    That "thumbs up" cake they made for Henri was one of the best sight gags of the season!

    I didn't love this episode, but I didn't hate it either. The employees at Sheets N'Things singing "Loser" was awesome!

    I like how everyone rallied around Rachel, including Kurt. I didn't think that final number was all that funky though New Directions does best with 70's rock, imo. I've never thought Quinn was that great a singer, so I wasn't surprised that her performance was just okay. The pregnant back up dancers was kind of lame.

    I think Cory Monteith probably has improved as a singer over the course of the season, but he didn't sound all that great when the cast performed on Oprah. I think Mark Saling has a better natural singing voice.

    I have high hopes for the finale, although it definitely is too soon. It seems like this second half of the season has blown by!
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    re: GLEE

    Well, at the top of my list of disappointments with this episode is the way Jesse was handled. They made him psychotic - which, unless the character is a mass murderer, is usually a sign of really bad writing. Because psychotic people don't have to behave like normal people - there doesn't have to be a reason for how they feel. They just feel and act. In Dream On we saw that Jesse had an ulterior motive for dating Rachel - but he was conflicted because he really cared for her. In Funk he had no feelings for her, except maybe some anger.

    The really criminal thing here is that Jesse was a whole story line, carefully begun and developed. It was leading to some kind of confrontation of the various agendas and motivations - but that moment never happened. We never got to see Jesse grappling with any kind of issue with the New Directions kids or Will. And we never saw him have any problems with Rachel. It all just conveniently happened off-screen. It's as if the big Jesse episode was pulled out of the lineup, and this show is the post-Jesse breakup show.

    That would be like cutting out the scene where Will discovers Terri isn't really pregnant, and just jumping over that to him moving out. We've been cheated out of this Rachel /Jesse moment that this whole second half of the season has been leading up to.

    And just to give this episode one more kick out the door - that last musical number, Give Up The Funk, was one big funky mess. This was supposed to put the fear of Glee into VA? That ragged number would be laughed out of any competition. It was choreographically sloppy and vocally uninteresting. (What's the vocal equivalent to "hairography"?) Not only was it below par for a show closer, dramatically it didn't work at all. Those VA kids wouldn't be stunned, they would be snickering.

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    re: GLEE

    Hmm.. I think there's some disjointedness about this show (it's almost as if they needed more episodes). It does feel like they are cramming bits in to make it all fit into the timeline.

    I feel like I'm in the minority, but I actually liked last night's episode. It wasn't in my top 5 by any means, but there were plenty of swoonworth moments (Hi, Puck!) and I enjoyed many of the songs. I thought that the last number, while it may not put the fear of God into VA, it wasn't that bad.

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    re: GLEE

    I'm still hoping for a Michael Jackson episode...maybe next season.

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    re: GLEE

    We need more Britney! Did she even have one line in this episode?!

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    re: GLEE

    OMG, a Michael Jackson episode would be EPIC!!! They just have to do that!

    I heard a lot of rumors of a Britney episode in the mix, so they'll probably dedicate a whole episode to the pop princess next season.

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    re: GLEE

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3921479;
    Well, at the top of my list of disappointments with this episode is the way Jesse was handled.
    and pretty much your whole post

    I feel like they cut out an episode. That somewhere there was supposed to be one that explains how Jesse went from "I sort of like her and don't want to hurt her" to the sheer hatred we saw on his face during this episode. That was extremely uncomfortable to see and made no sense!

    KinmokuPrincess I think Cornholio was referring to the character Britney and not the singer. I agree with Cornholio, I love the one liners that come out of this characters mouth. They are like gems within the episode that leave me giggling for days afterwards.

    This season....half season?.....has been sort of disappointing. Of course it was bound to happen but I didn't expect the show to take such a massive nose dive and so quickly.

    I hope next season they work out the bugs and get back on track because the way they handled the whole Jesse storyline was something a show way below their level would have done it. I expected more from them.

    So....anybody think these kids will actually win? I don't. For storyline purposes they pretty much cannot win, at the very least they will tie. Unless they will bring on a new nemesis for the next stage (haha) in their competition towards Nationals?

    In the next season I'd like to see Jesse brought back and his hatred of Rachel explained. They had more chemistry than Rachel and Finn (the last episode felt so forced because they are trying to bring those two back together and felt the only way to do that was to turn Jesse into the bad guy...didn't work because we all liked Jesse....over Finn).

    I'd like to see more of Terri....maybe she and Emma could become friends out of spite towards Will. That would be sort of funny since I'm beginning to dislike Will more and more.

    I'd also like an explanation why Mercedes and Kurt hate Rachel so much. What did she do to them? Although it was sort of nice when the men were willing to go kick VA bootie for her because "Only we can pick on her"....don't we all sort of feel that way about our siblings? LOL.

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    re: GLEE

    No offense to anyone, but I'm not getting where you guys think Jesse hates Rachel. I read something completely different in his facial expressions, I guess. He was reluctant to smash the egg on Rachel. His choir-mate had to egg (no pun intended) him on because he hesitated. I think he only smashed it on her face to show them that he is WITH them and not her. After Another One Bites The Dust, he looked as if he wanted to say something (maybe apologize) before leaving the stage but thought better of it. It was always his intent to go back to his original choir after he got Rachel to realize who her mother was. I think it bothers him more than he thought it would. At least that's how I read his facial expressions and body language.
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    re: GLEE

    JavaJo, I'm with you. Jesse definitely looked torn last night and Rachel looked thoroughly confused and heartbroken. I still haven't seen the previous week's DVRd episode (I can't believe it myself, I'm sorry!) so I had assumed something had happened last week. I see from you guys that nothing did so I'm left wishing there would have been one scene, at least, where Jesse explained why he went back to VA. He could have done it sarcastically, I don't care... but something.

    Loved Puck and Finn singing "Loser" (with the backup store cast. LOL)

    I've seen one video from next week where
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Finn and Rachel are singing Journey's "Faithfully".. a performance from the final competition. They're definitely having a "moment."
    Can't wait to watch although I'm going to be in some serious withdrawal after next week.
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